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J's Designs

It seems like Egypt's jewellery industry is booming and the latest line to capture our lust does Oriental with a sleek twist. We talk to Jude Benhalim to find out more...

Every once in a while, we launch into an obsession with a new brand we've discovered. Our most recent subject is J's Designs, an edgy meets boho jewellery brand whose pieces we've positively been lusting over recently. From crystal and silver bullet rings to busy beaded necklaces, their accessory brand brings together bold style with Oriental infusions.

It was started four years ago by Jude Benhalim as a school project. "I had to come up with anything that would fall under creativity," she explains, and she utilised the wide scope of the task to create some killer pieces of jewellery, and it stuck. "I found myself really liking it and people were impressed with my work so I decided to expand!"

The pieces have a distinctly unique feel, with creative shapes and colourful stones, but they all remain streamlined and unfussy. Some have more of a delicate vibe; petite pieces with tiny stones, while others are statement makers, like some seriously intricate necklaces. Of the brand's signature aesthetic, Benhalim refers to the style as "modern Oriental." Her designs, a lot of the inspiration of which she credits to Nubian culture, are mostly pieces that are perfectly everyday wearable; accessories that add just the right amount of interest to an outfit without being overwhelming.

The line also features some adorable clutches, in pastel hues and Aztec prints that pair beautifully with the jewellery. For the more colour obsessed some of the accessories are less brass and silver based, and veer more towards a kaleidoscopic tribal feel. All in all though, J's Designs has definitely got us drooling!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @jsdesigns1.