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Keep Track Of Ideas The Old-Fashioned Way With 'K' Planners

Ditch the Moleskin and the apps and get yourself a stylish, locally-made notebook and some stationary, instead.

Smartphones are great. Among their myriad of uses, they can be used to capture ideas wherever and whenever they strike; but, nothing beats the satisfaction of pen touching paper. A bunch of digital files hanging out in cyberspace doesn’t really compare to the feeling of accomplishment you get when you see a stack of notebooks, completely full of notes and ideas, piled up. Also, what about the impending cyber apocalypse? When the whole Internet goes out and you can’t access Google, iCloud, or even Netflix, all that will be left of your notes will be the greasy fingerprints on your touch screen. 

It just so happens that physical notebooks are making a big comeback. Moleskin and others are providing stylish repositories for all the stuff bouncing around in your noggin, except they're imported so they cost an arm and a leg. K by Omnia Khattab makes local versions of them right here in Egypt. Besides the swanky leather-bound notebooks, they also have locally designed and printed stationary. So, for those of you who yearn for the simple days of pen and paper - before all this fancy technological mumbo-jumbo impeded the transfer of ideas from your head to the outside world - you couldn’t look cooler with one of these in your hands at a trendy cafe.

K by Omnia Khattab is on Facebook and Instagram.