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Kershless: How To Lose That Belly From The Comfort of Your Home

Our Hassan Abdeltawab loves his 'kersh' and thinks it is very sexy, but there is a way to get rid of it if it ever pisses him off...

A kersh (belly) could be considered sexy for some, especially here in the Arab world. After all, there's an old saying in Egypt that goes “El ragel min gheer kersh mayeswash ersh.” So clearly, once upon a time, kershes were revered. 

Well, that's not quite the case anymore. The new age here in Egypt calls for a healthier lifestyle, so to speak. Something about this millennium has people addicted to exercise; the body builders, the CrossFitters, the cyclists, the walkers, the runners, the hikers, the climbers, the dancers, the prancers, the fighters, the twisters, the flippers, the jumpers - you get the idea. Oh and yes, I know you kind of did a little rap as you read that.

All the above and more have become incredibly popular in Egypt but one problem remains: most of us Egyptians are still lazy as fuck. Most of us would rather the workout come to us and not the other way around. And that's where Kershless kicks in. The organisation, which launched back in 2013, manage an online weight loss competition that pushes and motivates you to lose weight as you compete against 11 other opponents. Each season lasts for 16 weeks and at the end of each week they announce the week’s winner. Because the monitoring and results are all conducted digitally, you can work out from wherever you want, whether it's your nearest gym or your living room floor. Losing weight in the comfort of your own home; that does sound cool. I still like my kersh though and I think it is very sexy maleesh da3wa.

If you don’t like your kersh as much I love mine, you better check out their Facebook page by clicking here.