Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Kinda Offers Canadian Style Living in New Cairo with Premium Netflats

Kinda by Minka Developments offers ultra efficient and reasonably priced netflats at their premium New Cairo location.

Cairo Scene

You're going apartment hunting one day when you notice how much extra space they all have that you know you'll never use. An extra corner here, a weird closet there. And then they charge you HOW much? You shouldn't have to argue that the mini balcony just hanging off the side of the house doesn't count as an extra room. Kinda won't do you dirty like that, not with their latest innovation in New Cairo, 'THE NETFLAT' courtesy of Minka Developments. We didn't need to spell it out in all-caps like that. We just thought it deserved it. Apartment hunting is no joke.

See, the Netflats are fully furnished and serviced apartments with 1-to-3 bedrooms with absolutely no hidden or gross (as in 'gross area', not 'gross disgusting', although there isn't any of that either) rooms, all which can be found at Kinda's premium New Cairo location. With its 400-metre frontage overlooking the Royal Kempinski Hotel, Kinda is accessible to Heliopolis and the New Administrative Capital, putting you right in the centre of it all. It's like what they say - what you see is what you get.