Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Lipton is Taking You Straight into Egypt's National Team's Locker Room in Gabon

If watching Egypt quash its competition one AFCON game after another on HD screens doesn't quite cut it for you, get on Lipton's Facebook page for a closer look!

Staff Writer

We Egyptians don’t ask for much in this life. Give us a grilled corn on the cob, a soccer game, and a nice cup of tea and our day is made. The only two additions that would really elevate this proposition would be Egypt’s national soccer team kicking ass and taking names and an inside look into how they did it.

It seems we’re in luck! Lipton flew all the way to Gabon to follow Egypt’s national team like their shadow throughout the Africa Cup of Nations games and they are taking us along for the ride on their Facebook page. We know because we stalk them, so we discovered #el7ad_el_awlany.

Every day at work, we pretend to watch video tutorials on work ethics, while nervously flicking through #Lipton_fil_gaboun's Facebook page and catching their live video broadcast from Gabon! Not only do we follow live updates from the national team's camp, we also get to have some one-on-one time with the players in live Facebook video interviews that you can interrupt with burning questions like what happens if it rains on Kahraba? Or can Hadary block a meteor racing to Earth? The 360 degree coverage takes you everywhere behind the scenes - where you'd otherwise be forcibly removed. Expect anything from soccer legends goofing around in locker rooms to video confessionals were you get to do the grilling!