Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Egyptian Man Reportedly Attacks a Policeman at Paris' Louvre Museum

The machete-wielding man was shot and wounded by French police on Friday morning as he attempted to stab a soldier at Paris' Louvre museum.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Man Reportedly Attacks a Policeman at Paris' Louvre Museum

A machete-wielding man, who is reportedly an Egyptian national, tried to enter the Paris Louvre Museum on Friday and was shot by French soldiers. Although the event was labelled as “terrorist in nature” by French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, the circumstances surrounding the incident, which took place at 10am, are yet unclear.

British newspaper The Independent cited police union official Yves Lefebvre saying that the man launched his attack when four soldiers guarding the area told him he could not enter the Carrousel du Louvre shopping centre with his bags. “That's when he got the knife out and that's when he tried to stab the soldier,” the policeman said.

Michel Cadot, the head of Paris police, said the man was shouting "Allahu akbar" and injured the soldier's scalp before troops opened fire. One of the soldiers shot the attacker five times, seriously wounding him in the stomach. Inside his backpacks, Police found Paintspray cans - but no explosives.

According to Reuters, the man is an Egyptian national who arrived in France at the end of January, a source close to the investigation said.

Photo credit: ABC news.