Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Mandala Yoga Retreat: Aswan

After a successful retreat in Ras Sudr, Mandala Yoga is heading to Aswan this February for a one-of-a-kind spiritual trip.

Staff Writer

The first thing you notice about Cairo is the noise, it’s prevalent everywhere. A constant hectic drone made up of a symphony of automotive sounds and a shouting match between seven million voices. It’s aggressive and forceful and comes with a big speak before you think tagline. That soundscape reflects our cognitive processes too; it seeps into our mind and drowns out any resemblance of peace and clarity in our thoughts. Unless you live as a hermit in a soundproof studio, there’s not many ways to get away from it without indulging in a bit of mind control. No, we don’t mean developing telekinetic powers in order to remotely chuck cars into the Nile, we’re talking meditation and Yoga. Egyptian company Mandala Yoga Retreats organises special getaways for people looking to escape from the madness of the city and the madness in their heads at special locations around the country which amplify a sense of beauty and serenity.

Their next retreat will be at the Anakato Eco-Lodge in Gharb Soheil, Aswan, from the 13th to the 16th of February, where you can experience the multitude of health benefits of practicing yoga, and find some tranquility surrounded by fresh air and the cleanest stretch of Nile. Mandala Yoga is run by mindful ex-PR and event planning professionals who have an enduring passion for yoga, with the founder having had a 200 hour teacher training certificate in Hatha Yoga from a traditional Ashram in Northern India. There's a couple of places on the trip left, and you have until the 14th January to secure your spot.

To book for the Mandala Yoga Retreat contact +201006749754 or visit their Facebook fanpage here