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Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind Red Bull Soundclash, Battle of The Bands and Cairo Fashion Festival

The Hedgehog Co. has been responsible for some of this year's most memorable events.

Staff Writer

Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind Red Bull Soundclash,  Battle of The Bands and Cairo Fashion Festival

Thus far, 2017 has witnessed some of the biggest events to ever happen in Egypt since the turn of the century. With exceptional events in fashion, sports, music, it's been a hell of a ride to keep up with all these fabulous happenings, and we have the prominent event firm The Hedgehog Co. to thank for some of the year's best events so far.The unsung heroes behind events like the Red Bull Soundclash, Blue concert, Battle of The Bands, Cairo Fashion Festival, and many, many more, the Hedgehog is celebrating their one-year anniversary this summer. With some of the country's best events in a decade under their belts, and many more in store for us, we sat down with the dynamic duo as they revealed some of their magic tricks and their buzz-worthy entrepreneurial tale."The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing," is the ancient Greek parable that inspired the agency's name, according to the duo. "Hedgehogs are slow and steady with strong stamina that people often overlook them because they're quiet and unassuming. Organisations are more likely to succeed if they focus on one thing, and do it well."

From the shores of 1990s Agami and the streets of Cairo, Hedgehog's co-founder Michael Magdy embarked on his journey in the world of luxurious nightlife and the party scene as a sound engineer. After gaining exceptional knowledge on the ins and outs of the industry, Magdy joined forces with Cairokee's accomplished band manager Hady Labib, an Arts graduate of Berkely, whose passion for perfecting events and parties began early on during his adolescence. 

Battle of The Bands/HedgeHog events

The Hedgehog Co., which was preceded by a series of successful collaborations for a whole decade, has in the past year thrown some of the country's top-notch events. "Though it's great to make massive events, we believe our strength lies in the consistency of the quality we offer," says Magdy.

On their proudest moments in the industry so far, Labib said "Red Bull Soundclashthe biggest sound clash worldwide, was one of the most successful events thrown by Hedgehog. Similarly, taking part in mega events like Battle of The Wheels and Battle of The Bands further established our capabilities and event-management skills."

Cairo Fashion Festival/Hedgehog events

With even more extraordinary events up their sleeves, the powerhouses seem determined to up the events planning game in the country even more. And we ain't complaining!

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