Monday 30 of January, 2023
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MomPreneurs: The Future of Egypt's Business Sector?

Supermoms make the best businesswomen, but it's too bad they're the most discouraged entrepreneurs out there. Well, not anymore...

Staff Writer

Ever seen a picture of a woman with octopus-like arms multitasking the heck out of her life? You know - a child here, a cup of coffee there, papers across the table, a mobile phone in hand, dinner on the stove, and a vacuum cleaner to boot. Well, those moms – the likes of Yasmine Yeya, Zeinab Mostafa, Rasha Abo Al Soud, Nadia Gamal El-Din, Aya El Ghazzawy, Dina El Mofti, Heba El 'Assar, and our very own Amy Mowafi – are just part of the growing ingenuity that we've seen bursting across the startup scene, from advertising to transportation and everything in between.

But, you know what's disappointing? According to Nadine El Garhy, Marketing Manager at Expand Business Development – with an office in Cairo and a new one in Dubai, founded by Nohir Saleh, a mother and entrepreneur – it's brilliant business-minded mamas like these who "are usually not sure how to start, and are not motivated when it comes to how to manage their time, their children's lives, the finances, and the overall commitment" of it all. Imagine how many incredible revolutionary ideas haven't come to fruition just because the women behind them weren't motivated to make it happen.

As a company that helps startups take off and get through the hurdles of starting a business, the guys at Expand Business Development know a thing or two about how overwhelming it can be for mothers to kickstart their dream business. Now, come October 22nd at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski New Cairo, these guys are going to be launching a huge event for what they call these brilliant business-minded mamas: MomPreneurs. With four jam-packed sessions on how to make business dreams come to life, MomPreneurs will start with a total takeover by the supermamas we mentioned above, telling their stories on exactly how to maintain that seemingly impossible balance between work and home. It'll probably be akin to listening to Olympic Goddesses, probably. 

For the mamas who know about their superpowers but are not sure how they can be used, managed, and executed, there are sessions two, three, and four. Session two will be all about health and wellness, making sure all the creative mothers understand the importance of self-care for them and their families - that includes meal preps and on-the-go meals guides, styling and fashion tips, 'Mama and Me' exercises, and how to manage relationships. The third session will include one-on-one management consultancies, but is also all about pampering yourself (read: giveaways – nail spa that'll relax you, and will probably get you thinking of at least two startups ideas in the process). Now, the fourth session is probably the most important for up-and-coming MomPreneurs, as it will be a networking lunch – make sure you add each other on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, mamas!

The best part? Free food. Also, what's a proper MomPreneur event without the luxury of totally bringing your kids to monkey around in the free play area? Oh, and the teenagers who always want to stay home – no, they're not allowed. They can come by to the workshop organised especially for them, where they will be working to come up with a product, and then present it and market it to the attendees.

Goodbye comfort zones and social awkwardness, hello supermamas!

Find out how you can register and get your tickets for the biggest mom-focused entrepreneurship event of the season on Expand Business Developments' Facebook, or directly at the event page!