Friday May 24th, 2024
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7 Most Expensive Sporting Club Memberships in Egypt

How much do you actually have to pay for the privilege of a membership at one of these renowned sporting clubs around the country?

Staff Writer

7 Most Expensive Sporting Club Memberships in Egypt

To practice sports as part of professional teams and participate in international championships that later on guide the way to pursuing athletics as a career, one needs to be a member of a sporting club in Egypt. Enjoying a day by the pool privately, or simply having a place to hang out and eat at, at all times, are some of the perks of sporting clubs. But how much does it cost to join one of the elite sporting clubs nowadays?

Heliopolis Sporting Club 

Originally built by the Belgian baron in 1910,  Heliopolis Sporting Club charges $50,000 for memberships, which equals to 391,555 EGP. They charge half of that amount for a membership in their 'spin-off' branch in Sherouk City at 195,815 EGP.

Gezira Sporting Club

Founded in 1882, in order to become a member at Gezira Sporting Club, one has to go through a personal interview nowadays, which will determine whether or not they're 'qualified' for a membership. Fees can go as high as 650,000 EGP altogether for a family consisting of a husband and wife.

 Shooting Club 

Located in Dokki, Shooting Club membership fees are 250,000 EGP. 

 Alexandria Sporting Club

Sporting club located in Alexandria, is very famous for its green space and charges 200,000 EGP for new memberships.

El Zamalek Sporting Club

 El-Zamalek Sporting club used to charge 150,00 EGP per membership, and now they've upgraded the fees, raising them to 180,000 EGP.

 Al-Ahly Sporting Club  

Founded in 1907, and one of the oldest sporting clubs in the country, Al-Ahly charges 160,00 EGP for memberships in both branches, Zamalek and Nasr City. As for their newest branch in Sheikh Zayed, fees are 90,000 EGP.

 Maadi Sporting Club 

Founded in 1920, Nadi El-Maadi has been hosting members for 95 years now and entertaining one generation after another, raising and bringing people together for quite a while. Memberships for the famous sporting club cost 120,000 EGP, which includes entrance allowance for Yacht club and the Kattameya branch.