Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Laila's: Love at First Bite

We uncover a gem of an enterprise, making fresh baked goods that actually look as fantastic as they taste.

Staff Writer

Laila's: Love at First Bite

It's hard to find a catering bakery that delivers and even exceeds expectations nowadays, as most of them either look pretty but taste mediocre, or look off but taste really good. However, we did come across a bakery that simply has it all; a phenomenal taste and a Tumblr-worthy pretty finish: Laila's.

We talk to the master-hands behind the baked goodies to find out more about what the brand offers, how it started and how it's going to develop. "It all started as a hobby at first. Like most successful businesses, it required passion and I had just that. But a year ago, I decided to make a profitable business out of it, catering for friends and family and eventually expanding and delivering to the public, making Laila's a name," says founder Laila Moharram.

The brand offers cakes to die for of all sorts, from deliciously topped cupcakes, and ice cream cakes to truffles. "We also make customised cakes for birthdays, weddings and engagements and basically any events," adds the 21-year-old entrepreneur. "The surprise cake that has M&Ms on the inside, however, seems to be people's all time favourite. Not to mention the chocolate-berry cake made with all natural and fresh ingredients," she continues.

With red velvet basically trending now, being desired by everyone, Laila's decided to put their very own twist on the mouthwatering yummies and create...wait for it... red velvet truffles. "Red velvet can be incorporated into any dessert, and that's exactly what I do, mixing the magnificent taste of red velvet along with my special dessert to get the ultimate taste that everyone would be pleased with," gushes Moharram.

Aside from doing candy\chocolate tables for events, Laila's didn't forget the ones dieting and craving the sweet tastes of desserts they try to restrain from. "We also offer healthy light cheesecakes for any sweet-tooth out there who's trying to maintain a low intake of calories," says Moharram.

"All my desserts are homemade and baked with the freshest ingredients. I know that, because I make the ingredients myself, because to me, the taste matters more than anything. It's what keeps you liable and the clients happy," she concludes.

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