Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Nasr E70 Electric Cars Are Getting Tested on the Road with Uber

Produced in collaboration with Chinese company Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the Nasr E7o is Egypt's first electric car - and these nine trained Uber drivers will get to try them out live.

Farah Ibrahim

Egyptian automotive company El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company has handed over nine cars to ride hailing app Uber so they can test out the electric ‘Nasr E70’ live on the road. That’s right, somewhere out there, there are nine of the first Egyptian electric cars, silently driving amongst us. Could our next Uber trip be in one of those?

Produced in collaboration with Chinese carmaker Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the nine cars will be tested for a distance of up to 30,000 kilometres over three to four months. The drivers for the Nasr E70 have been trained by Dongfeng, and will be able to give the green light to El Nasr to let them know if the cars are fit for production.

Egypt is set to produce the bulk of this electric car model in the second half of 2022, with an overall target of 25,000 cars annually, with plans to manufacture and export electric vehicles through a new regional centre.