Friday December 1st, 2023
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New Campaign by Egyptian Lifestyle Blogger Inspires Women to Buy Local

Using her powerful platform for good, fashion mama Hana Elawadi tells us about her #HanaGoesLocal campaign series where she openly encourages women to buy local and promote Egyptian-made brands for the greater good of the country.

Staff Writer

You’ve seen us ramble on and on about female empowerment and about Arab women breaking boundaries in ways that have changed what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. But we have no intention to stop any time soon because an overwhelming magnitude of girl power continues to reign, and to be honest, amongst all of the oppression and the challenges that face Egyptian women, it is these achievements that create a speck of hope for a better future. A fabulous fashionista and lifestyle blogger by profession, Hana Elawadi is using her strong following to create just that. She's empowering local women who give back to Egypt in their own way.

When the recent dollar crisis saw price increases in almost every area of life, Elawadi decided to take steps to fight back. “Everyone started freaking out about the dollar, I started freaking out,” Elawadi tells us. “We have to look at the situation differently and stop focusing on the negatives.” And from there, the #HanaGoesLocal campaign was born. Elawadi became committed to blogging and promoting Egyptian-made fashion brands in order to raise awareness about the importance of supporting the local economy during difficult times. “I wanted to try and do something that can make Egypt better,” she adds.


My #jeans are local & that's how I like 'em! 👖#hanagoeslocal #madeinegypt #helawadi

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Continuing her journey, Elawadi is now launching the next series of her campaign with #HanaGoesLocalPower. Instead of focusing solely on the brands themselves, this campaign will focus on the women who are either producing locally, have a startup in the making, or are giving back to the community through services. At an intimate brunch in early April, these local women will be connected through a thought-provoking, yet laid back discussion on how they can use their businesses and work together to rehabilitate the negative economic conceptions that the public has been having. Elawadi has also “picked women from different backgrounds” to foster an rich exchange of ideas and experiences. And if you think these women are getting together to take over the world, be scared, because with this kind of entrepreneurial energy, they just might be able to pull it off.

During the event, all of the women will be bringing locally-made goods, or present something that they believe can be empowering for women.

As a well known Instamother and a well-travelled individual who has been exposed to many walks of life, Elawadi strongly believes that we need to foster change by starting somewhere, and by starting small. “Egypt is in my heart no matter how much I travel, I always come back, and I want it to be better,” explains Elawadi passionately. ”Yes, I post about fashion. Yes, I post about beauty. Yes, I post about food, but I want to use this powerful platform, I have to make a difference.” 

“My social media is about my journey as a woman in today’s real world,” she adds.


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