Monday December 11th, 2023
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Nob Designs: So Gaudy it's Good

Forgoing dull and dark for full-on colour and fringe, we talk to founder Ahmed Anwar about Nob Designs' FW15 collection.

Staff Writer

With winter’s chill creeping up on us like a pervy old man, loads of local brands are in the midst of unveiling their collections for the sombre season. Nob Designs have in turn debuted their FW15 line, The Gaudy Collection, but this particular brand, and their street-cool style, have bucked the whole dark-colours-in-the-winter thing and opted for a collection that’s exploding with colour.

The brand, whose aesthetic is usually somewhere along the lines of in-your-face funkiness, tacky-cool statement making, with tops in previous collections stating things like Help and #OOTD splashes across the front, is once again digging deep into the unusual and producing a new collection that is wholly unique.

The brand, founded by Ahmed Anwar, derives its name from his father’s nickname, Nob, which comes from Nabil. “It comes from my father’s name,” Anwar explains. “It’s me showing appreciation for my father supporting me.” With a feel for fashion ever since an early age, it makes sense that Anwar would choose out-of-the-box designs. “I’ve been playing dress-up since I was like, eight, with my sisters,” Anwar laughs, “And then later on I took courses at The Fashion Studio in a variety of things from styling to art direction.”

For this season’s The Gaudy Collection, Anwar explains, “I didn’t want to do dull colour – that’s why I went for turquoise, purple, checkered prints... I didn’t want to do black and grey.” And he certainly didn’t. The collection, which is largely loose-fitted (thankfully for us – we all know how winter makes people pack on those pounds) features fresh hues and a lot of fringe. They’re eclectic items, with things such as a blue bell-sleeved top/dress with black fringe flowing from the entire sleeve to a similar purple and yellow piece that looks like it comes with its own pompoms and feels a little like cheerleading on acid. “I’m trying to make statement pieces,” Anwar says simply.

The designer’s favourite piece of this collection? “The vest with the long fringe, all the way down. It’s also really popular – I’m getting so many orders for it I’m running out of its fabric! Apparently people love fringe.” Well, if you’re one of the fringe-loving humans of this city, we suggest you take a look at the colour-loaded pieces!

You can check out their Facebook page here