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Only in Egypt: Quirky Combos

Some people wonder why Egyptian food isn't well-known abroad. We think our peculiar taste for combining foods that shouldn't be combined might have something to do with it...

Lebanon has its hummous, Morocco has its tagines but mention Egyptian food to a foreigner and, more often than not, you'll find they have no idea what we eat. Maybe its because Egypt's unique location makes it privy to a combination of cuisines from across the world. Maybe it's because we put things together that don't belong. Here are some of the strangest combinations, only in Egypt...

Potatoes and Rice

News flash! Potatoes are a carb. Rice is a carb. This is not a balanced meal.

Potato Sandwiches

As above. Times one million.

Pasta with Okra

Putting this slimey vegetable on some dry rice is one thing. Putting it on even slimier pasta is another.

Pizza with Ketchup

We're pretty sure this dish already has tomato sauce on it.

Rice and Salad

Something about this just creeps us out.

Watermelon and Cheese

We kind of get the idea behind fruit and cheese together, but the textures are just wrong.

Kunafa and Shrimp

We bet the person who thought of this thinks himself a genius but this combination is an abomination to two very fine ingredients.