Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Power Banks

A new Egyptian start-up is answering our dead battery prayers with a new line of portable phone chargers that not only help you in your time of need, but give to various charities, depending on which colour you buy.

Staff Writer

There is possibly nothing worse on this earth than being stuck somewhere without a phone charger. Well, there are some things, you know, like civil war and poverty, but this is definitely firm top five of first world pains. You desperately need to make a phone call (more likely you just want to manically flip through Instagram), or just feel your phone's presence. There are no wall sockets for miles (ahem 3alganoob Festival), or the more likely scenario, you're at some club or bar, you don’t want to abandon your phone, which is really the equivalent of your firstborn child, in a far-away wall socket and leave it at the mercy of possible phone thieves. It's quite the pickle you're in. The solution is easier than you think.

A new electronics brand, Shank, sells nifty little power banks (don't get too excited; they don't give you super powers or anything) that are basically, portable, on-the-go, chargers. They haven’t reinvented the wheel or anything but it's an endlessly useful device, sure to save you in many a moment of battery death. The new company also stocks earphones and their products are currently available at Radioshack, Goodies, Mobile Shop, Radwan El Ogail, Raya, and Etisalat.

However, our favourite thing about this company is their creative charitable component. Essentially, 6% of each purchase goes directly to variety of different charitable causes; the power banks come in a rainbow of different hues, and each colour donates to a different cause, ranging from education to the environment to helping orphans or the disabled. Royal Purple (our pick – not for the cause, which is also important, but for the electric hue) donates to education, Lustrous Silver donates to hunger, Shocking Pink to cancer, etc. We gotta admit, in a sea of companies claiming to support causes, this a cute and unique idea. You can either buy your power bank with the cause you want to support in mind, or just be pleasantly surprised after you choose deciding based on your fave hue (which is what we did).

So if you'd like to save yourself the torture of an uncharged phone, we suggest you head on over to your nearest electronics store and get yourself once of these useful little things! The company's charities will be expanding as well starting June, to include heart operations and giving to the homeless.

You can check out their Facebook page here or their Instagram account @shank_co.