Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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How to Sahel on a Budget

Rule no. 1: don't dwell on the bygone days when vacationing didn't cost more than your car.

Staff Writer

Once upon a time, not long ago, one could easily head off to Sahel for a weekend without worrying much about how big of a dent such an endeavor would leave on one's financials. Yeah, sure, it's always been a tad pricier than other beach towns in Egypt, but well, you most definitely didn't need to seriously consider running a low-key drug dealing business after hours just so you can join the ranks of THE Sahelites. Fast-forward a few years and an oh-so-lovely wave of inflation later, and we find ourselves contemplating whether to weekend in Sahel or opt for an all inclusive Euro tour. It's a tough choice. But before you proceed with putting your kidney up for sale, check out this guide to a Sahel weekend on a budget.

Rentals Before Kilometer 90

While a 5K/day chalet in Marassi or Telal is how most of us imagine how life in Sahel should be, let us remind you that there are virtually endless qaryas up and down the gigantic strip that is Sahel. Look for the rentals before Kilo 90, you know like in Doaa' El Sama2 (it's a real place!). Rent at such obscure, almost forgotten qaryas can cost as low as EGP 500 a day, with the average being EGP 800-ish, which brings us to the next point.

Forget The BFF

There has to be some collateral damage here, it's Sahel, no one is safe! If you're heading off to Sahel, it has to be in a shella big enough to share the burden. You're not a Kardashian and your parents clearly aren't running a money-laundering business (sadly). Make your way to Sahel in a gang; you can share rent; transportation; and let's face it; it's more fun. If that EGP 800 is split amongst 4 or 5 people, you'd be chipping in EGP 200 or less a day. Budgeting, it's called.

Jet it or Uber it

If you do have your own ride, then the shella should be chipping in for gas. It's not 2009 anymore. If not, don't fret it, there's Uber which you can hail all the way to Sahel for EGP 800. Divided by 4, that's EGP 200 for a comfortable ride to Sahel and you can still pull over at Master and all that jazz. For moving around Sahel, stay on the lookout for Uber Sahel discounts, they always have one.

If you're going in a group of more than 4 people, then the glorious West Delta has you covered. Book your seat from Abdel-Mon'em Riyadh or Almaza stations and BAM! 7 hours later you're in Sahel.

Swim at The Qarya

Newsflash: the beach is the same everywhere. We obviously all want to spend the day in that exclusive beach club that plays minimal tech music, but a speaker will do just as well, and it's not going to cost you anything, well except a geo-tagged Instagram post. But hey, you can always take a selfie with the Mediterranean, because if you don't post a selfie captioned sun kissed, can you really ever feel you've been to Sahel?  

Eat Local

At the risk of stating the obvious, Sahel is packed with culinary treasures that you can practically find everywhere you go; otherwise known as Fetir joints. You can also have a cheap, nonetheless yummy, Egyptian breakfast (foul, ta3meya, etc) at each and every qarya.


Now on to what's really going to dig a hole in your pocket, nightlife! By now we're all aware that clubbing in Sahel has gone to insane levels when it comes to the price-tag. Which is why our number one tip, which is one as old as time, is PREGAME. Don't arrive drunk though, that's rude. Just have a couple of whatever on your way to the party so you could only order a couple more when you arrive and you're set.

Sahel on a budget CAN happen; you heard it here first.