Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Setting Flappy Bird Free

Despite being taken down, we're providing you some easy to follow steps on how to install the addictive mobile game once again, free of charge.

Staff Writer

Setting Flappy Bird Free

The latest crazy in mindless anti-social behavior Flappy Bird has been taken down. The addictive game was removed by the Vietnamese programmer for no apparent reason leading to handsets with the game already installed on being sold on E-bay for up to $80,000 dollars! Well we'll save you that fortune with our instructions below showing you how you can still install the game for free on your Android or iPhone!

For Android, it's a really simple process:

1. You simply need to download the APK file (Android Package Kit) online, usually a quick Google search for "Flappy Bird APK" will get you the file. Or if you're lazy, here you go:

or this one
2. Just go to Settings > Security and tick the box that allows to install files from Unknown Resources. 
3. Just find the file on your phone and install it (without verifying with Google Play).
This is only because Android is an awesome open-source platform that allows its users to do what they want.
For iPhone fans out there, the process is more complicated since Apple's iOS is a closed source OS. So, you will need to have a JailBroken phone first to be able to do it since non-jailbroken devices only accept apps and games from the official App Store. 
This time search for the IPA file instead of the APK file. Since you're still the same lazy person, here is a link for that as well:
If your iPhone isn't Jailbroken, you can do it at this tutorial (consider your warranty  before doing this and be VERY VERY careful or you might brick your phone).  
You'll then need to install a specific tweak that allows you to sync IPA files.
Drag-and-drop the .ipa file to the Apps section in iTunes, and sync your iPhone. If all has gone according to plan Flappy Bird should appear.
That's it folks. Now you have flappy bird and can avoid paying $80,000 for an iPhone with it installed. 
Disclaimer: We aren't responsible for any damage that may result from this to you or your phone. If you get kidnapped by a gang of hungry flappy bird fans, don't call us. Also, be careful with Jailbreak, this is the last time we say it.