Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Shop Like Royalty

Get hold of a Crown Card and open the door to discounts at hundreds of your favourite shops, hotels, restaurants and more!

Staff Writer

Let's face the facts. The country is in turmoil and the only thing that reminds you that everything is going to be ok is the fact that malls remain open and shopping is the best way to forget the myriad of problems Egypt is facing. However, times are tough and, in this faltering economy, every pound counts. If only there was a card that got you discounts just about everywhere you go...Well, good news! There is and it is named the Crown Card.

The Crown Card is the only card that can consistently save you money on everything from electronics, clothing and food, to accessories, toys and car parts. The wide range of discounts easily covers the nominal upfront fee of LE120, which you have to pay to join. For example, just buying an average Samsung Android and using your Crown Card will easily make you saving will cover what you spent joining the scheme – and that’s just one purchase!

For all those out there thinking about Christmas presents, this card is a must have. The wide range of stores offering vouchers and discounts includes popular stores, brands and venues and like Kouider, Converse, Daniel Hechter, Radioshack, Andrea, Second Cup and Porto Marina, to name just a few. So stop paying full price and treat yourself like royalty with the savings provided by Crown Card. 

For a whole list of vendors that provide discounts for Crown Card holders, and information on how to get your own membership, visit their Facebook page here