Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Singles' Guide To Valentine's Day in Cairo

Forever alone? Not anymore! You can have plenty of single fun in Cairo on Valentine’s Day. Here’s what we've got for you…

Staff Writer

The First Cairo Literature Festival

That’s right, the very first Literature Festival in our beloved country is happening on the day of love. Very rightly so, if you ask us, literature is a good way to express love as well as depression about a lack of love. Should you feel the need to express yourself, or witness Turkish Nobel Laureate writer Orhan Pamuk express himself (as he is the star guest at the big launch event), head to Beit El-Sehimi at 7pm on Saturday, and refresh you mind and intellect.

Break Out

This New Cairo idea locks groups of up to eight people in one of three themed rooms and lock the door. In order to get out, a series of clues have to be solved that make sure the group can escape within an hour. Should they fail they might not be showered in cockroaches or paint, however, the game is lost. We can’t know for sure though as there’s only one way to find out what happens inside these rooms. BreakOut Cairo sounds like an amazing group outing.


Frustrated about your lack of love? Let all that frustration out and shoot some people. But please, please refrain from actually shooting anything with proper equipment, as there is the very fun alternative of just firing some paintballs at people. Adrenalin Paintball in Sixth of October and C.O.D.E. Paintball in Downtown are serving both sides of the Nile with the opportunity to shoot some people with non-destructive weaponry.

Go Karts

Go Karts are very fun alone, with a partner or in a large group but do consider that when on a date, you would have to let the other person win. Not on a single Valentine’s Day when you and your friends can head out to Go Kart in Nasr City without a bad conscience. The best part about being single is that you can celebrate your win fully…


Shady Ahmed will be bringing some Acoustic tunes to The Tap while the El Sawy Culture Wheel will welcome Laith Abu Gouda for a musical experience that doesn’t need to be attended in pairs. Egyptian melodies can be listened to at Cairo Jazz Club where Basheer is going wild with his tambourine. As you see, Valentine’s Day’s music is happening with or without a lover.

Jupiter Ascending at IMAX

Jupiter Ascending is one of those movies you would have to convince your girlfriend to go see with you, and on Valentine’s Day its lack of romance would be a no-go for any relationship. You are single though, so you don’t have to worry about it. Depending on your sexual preference, all you have to worry about is not to stop drooling over Mila Kunis or Channing Tatum. Or both of them.


Love and culture can be enjoyed completely by yourself. You don’t need no chatty date that tells you what they think of art. So head to Ebdaa Art Gallery to catch Hamed Nada’s exhibition or the I’m Not a Doll” exhibition at Art Lounge. There are many possibilities to be cultured on Valentine’s Day, so take yourself on that date.