Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Small Roles Big Impact: Movie Moments That Live Rent-Free in Our Heads

Short and sweet, we just can't forget these moments in Egyptian cinema.

Farah Desouky

We’re all familiar with roles referred to as ‘small yet central to the story’ - those seemingly small roles that change a film with just a couple of lines. But how many of them live rent-free in our heads? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite small roles in Egyptian cinema that continue to inspire an absurd amount of in-jokes and references…

Mohmed Sharaf in ‘Zarf Tarek’

That random man waltzing into the apartment, making himself at home, and rooting for Nigeria in a football match - dude was basically Kramer before Kramer.

Youssef Eid in ‘Ramadan Mabrook Abou El Alamein Hamouda’

The principal’s assistant might not have done his best job, yet his clueless chaotic energy seemed to have been a staple in everyday conversations and memes.

Barayez in ‘Film Thaqafi’

Although unseen for most of the film, the owner of the sought-after tape did drop a few unforgettable metaphors and was practically chased throughout the story.

Hanan El Taweel in ‘El Nazer’

Miss Ensherah’s quirky character and ‘innovative’ teaching methods definitely live rent-free in our heads. ِAnd of course her adorable romance with Ahmed Helmy.

Mostafa Hareedy in ‘Morgan Ahmed Morgan’

Honestly forgetting our diplomas mid-graduation ceremony is a mood, and let’s not forget his stellar goalkeeper performance.

Khaled Saleh in ‘Mohamy Khol’

One of the veteran actor's earliest roles, if we’re ever on trial for some minor infraction, we’d want this guy to be our judge.

Moataz El Touny in ‘Zaki Shan’

Zaki reuniting with his old school friends and accidentally breaking off their engagement? Yes, that jealous fiance.

Alaa Morsi in ‘Andaleen El Dokki’

The doctor passed out in the middle of an examination, and his squeaky voice was unmatched.