Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Something Borrowed, Something Boo!

People seem to be going to absurd lengths these days to come up with "original" themes for their weddings, but nothing comes close to the level of weird of these masks designed by Maskology.

Staff Writer

It's your special day! The day every little girl and mummy's boy have been waiting for their whole lives. As tradition dictates, everything must be sparkling, pristine and perfect: from the settings, to the food to the tux and the dress. 

With that in mind, an innovative new company are here to make sure that the big day, will most certainly be one to remember, but in horrified mother-in-laws' eyes' everywhere, for all the wrong reasons. 

The company in question is Maskology, whose fanpage, which we recently stumbled upon, features droves of wedding guests wearing horrifying masks - evil clowns, pig faces, zombies and more, like some strange cryptic Kubrik dream sequence.

We're assuming this company don't make masks exclusively for weddings, but at what point did they decide to sit down and say, "Hey, you know who really needs a Gollum mask? A groom. Yes that's going to be perfectly appropriate. Let's have a demented Lord of the Rings goblin thing run around the sushi table at Four Seasons during the procession." 

But evidently, according to the multitude of wedding images on their page showing their plentiful client-base, it's clearly not that ridiculous. Hell, maybe this is the start of a new Egyptian trend of malapropos prop wearing. We can't wait to head to the next 3aza in an axe murderer mask. 

We could be looking into this too deeply. It might just be a little best man joke. But either ways the pictures are preposterous, and worth a look here.