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Life as a Belly Dancer in Egypt

Sports Egyptian Should Be Better At

Egypt has a lot of assets - whether behavioural or geographical - that should logically be reaped in favour of us mastering certain sports - if only we were a logical people…

We know that Egyptians love sports, but often limit their scope to only sports that we are fairly decent at. Instead of becoming better at a wide variety of sports, Egyptians choose to stick with their handball, football, basketball, and squash. What baffles us is that we fail to exceed in sports where Egypt as a location gives us an advantage over the world. So, without further ado, here is a list of sports we should be better at.


One of Egypt's crowning jewels is its majestic Nile. With sunny conditions seemingly every day, there is really no excuse. Rowing competitions often have multiple races for different distances, which ultimately means multiple opportunities to win. We should be better at rowing, as most of the teams that succeed happen to be in countries that have ridiculously long winters. So while they count down for the ice to melt, Egyptians could have a significant advantage practising all year round.

Racquet Sports

Ok Egypt, we get it, you are really good at squash. Isn't it about time we tried putting another racquet in our hands, though? With badminton, tennis, table tennis, racquet ball, and so on. We know Egyptians can handle a racquet as well as a shib-shib, but wouldn't it be nice to branch from our squash dominance into being known as the Goliath of Racquet Sports?

Kite Surfing

T'is true that we are getting better at this relatively new sport. However, considering that foreign pros are still willing to come to Egypt even during turbulent times, this should come as a sign that we have some of the best conditions all year round. As such, we should be owning the sport internationally.

Beach Volleyball

We do have a lot of people playing Volleyball in the nawady, but why not the beach? Egypt has no shortage of beaches or muscles. If as a country we put the same effort that we put into achieving formet el-sahel into nailing beach volleyball, then chances are we would be unstoppable. It is also a sport that could be played by both sexes, so essentially it is fun for everyone, until it gets competitive, which it will definitely need to be for Egypt to have a chance against Brazilians.



Since Egyptians are good at handball, it stands to reason that we could equally be good at Lacrosse. Both sports are played on the same type of layout, so learning the rules shouldn't be too tough, and if we follow through on becoming better with racquets, then there is really no reason that the skill set shouldn't translate to sticks.

Race-Car Driving

In the West, driving around in a circle at high speeds avoiding numerous collisions is considered a sport. Here in Egypt it isn't so much of an event as the everyday reality of driving on the Ring Road. Except we have to avoid people running across the tracks, donkey carts, and falling rocks off the back of trucks. It kind makes you wonder if Mario Kart was inspired by the daily commute. Either way we should own this so-called sport.


I am not sure if this is yet considered a professional sport, and although we know Egyptians do engage in it, we are still left to wonder why we aren't often called the gods of Sandboarding. Over 90% of the country is a desert, so why is this really too much to ask?

Martial Arts

Every now and then an Egyptian excels in a martial art and wins something. However, It is no secret we are nation of fighters. Say the wrong thing, look the wrong way, and soon you will find a fist in your face. Since this is the case, why aren't we consistently kicking the world's ass instead of our own?