Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Stripping with @EgyptianNudist

We catch up with Ahmed, AKA @EgyptianNudist, and find out why he prefers to let it all hang out...

Staff Writer

In a country where we judge stature on how big the H on one’s belt is or what animal is embroidered on the top left of one's polo, one man is looking to change the way we perceive our human counterparts. We recently found Ahmed AKA @EgyptianNudist on Twitter and, like his handle suggests, he is a nudist. This does not mean he is a pervert, a freak or gay. It means he is smarter than all you clothes-wearing simpletons. Not only is he a nudist but he is a nudist in a country that is starting to frown upon a the slightest aversion to anything that isn't a abaya or trousers that are two-inches too short. We talk to Ahmed to shed some light where the sun don't shine, and his answers are pretty convincing. We suggest you take a piece of clothing off for every question he answers, and join the flesh revolution...

When did you decide to become a nudist?

When I was 13, I saw a documentary about nudism and I fell in love with the idea. Then I looked it up online, went on various nudist websites, became an active member on a few nudist message boards, chatted with other nudists, and learned more about the lifestyle. I’ve been a nudist since then, mostly a home nudist, until I had my first nude beach experience a few years back.

Are you a nudist because of the poisonous consumerist culture in fashion as well as going back to our non-societal animalistic nature or is just fun to be naked?

A bit of both actually. I like being naked for the sake of being naked, I find it more comfortable and natural. But I also believe in that nudism counters a lot of modern age social issues.

These days, clothes contribute a lot to defining our social status, so when you are naked, you are removing that, and you are just being yourself. At the nude beach or club, you cannot tell who's rich and who's poor, who's a businessman and who's a blue collar worker. What matters (and what should matter) is character. One of my favourite quotes is "When you don't wear clothes you don't have a status. No one can judge you. Nudity is a very honest statement in itself."

Also, nudism helps a lot in boosting body confidence. Once you are in the company of other nudists (or naked people for that matter), you will realise how the real naked human body is very different from the unrealistic, deformed image media constantly forces upon us as the "ideal" human body, one that we cannot live up to and end up hating our bodies because of. So I believe that in a way, nudism promotes acceptance of your own self, your own body, and of others.

What's the most common misconception about nudists?

That nudity is equivalent to sex. Nudity is a dress code, sexuality is a state of mind. Being naked is not an open call for sex, and should not suggest anything sexual. They shouldn't be put together.

What's the best and worst thing about being a nudist?

Best thing? It's liberating! Imagine coming back home after a long, hot day outside, stripping down to nothing and enjoying a cold drink. Or even better, imagine yourself swimming in the sea totally naked, without that uncomfortable bathing suit, then getting out of the sea without that wet, soggy suit clinging to your skin. Then lying in the sun and getting dried off naturally by the sun and wind. Also, less clothes equals less laundry! Worst thing? Probably mosquito bites. Especially in the summer!

Where do you go nude most?

Mostly around the house, or on the nude beach. But anywhere and anytime I can go nude without offending others or getting myself arrested, I will do it!

Are there nude beaches in Egypt?

Yes, there is at least one nude beach that I know of, and I've been going there once or twice a year for the past few years. It is part of a private resort, but of course they do not publicly advertise it for the obvious reasons.

Are you the only real nudist in Egypt?

Surprisingly, no. I have recently discovered that there are many other Egyptians who have experienced nudism and/or are nudists to some degree. So I'm definitely not the only real nudist. We are a growing community!

What do your parents think about you being a nudist?

My parents don't know that I am a nudist. Whenever the subject of nudism (or nudity, for that matter) came up, they weren't too happy about it. So I thought there was no need to tell them as long as I was able to get away with it when I was still living with them.

Have you ever thought about just wearing a skin toned onesie in public as a compromise?

Do you know where I can find one? Haha, not really. But it would make an interesting social experiment.

Have your private parts ever been sun-burned?

Yes, my butt got badly sun burned last time I was at the nude beach. Largely my fault, I underestimated the March sun. Made it a bit difficult to sit for a few days!