Thursday March 30th, 2023
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SuperCoucou: The First Travel Website and Social Network Hybrid

New travel and innovative website/social network, SuperCoucou is bringing together people with a love of travel and giving them amazing ways to share their stories and book new adventures. We speak to the team behind the ingenious new idea to find out more.

Staff Writer
Best of all the worlds, SuperCoucou is a new travel website that combines the essential elements of social networking, Wikipedia, and TripAdvisor, to create a brand new way to travel. With a palpable excitement and love for travelling, Sandrine Wissa, Sabrina Ghazal, and Joseph and Nathalie Gibri, founders of SuperCoucou, created a website that allows people who love travelling to connect and book trips together. Here’s what they had to say about SuperCoucou and why it’s the future of online travel websites.
Can you tell us a bit about SuperCoucou?
SuperCoucou is a travel booking social network that features profiles, friend requests, photo albums, and messaging - just like Facebook. Your profile has a map of the world showing all the places you’ve already travelled, trips you have booked, or places you hope to go. You can also book flights, hotels, and interest-based tours and packages, all right on SuperCoucou. 
We also have travel diaries and 'Flocks'; your Flock is like your news feed where all your buddies' activities show up, including trips they’ve booked and pictures they’ve taken. You can also join 'Communities' and 'Tribes' for interests as broad as nature photography or as specific as a tribe for Red Sea scuba divers. Our online travel diaries are an easy and great-looking way to document and share your pictures and the stories of your trips. Sandrine actually created a travel diary of her honeymoon in Asia. You can check it out on the website.  
With our slogan, “Flocking Together," our website is meant to encourage social traveling and not just traveling alone or with a single friend. The more the merrier, and the cheaper, too. 
With all the other travel sites out there, why should someone choose SuperCoucou?
Unlike other websites where you just get a flight and a hotel, which SuperCoucou can still do, we have interest-based packages. The platform currently has over 30 interests, including beaches, nature, art, and many more, to help you find a travel experience tailored to your interests so there is no need to worry about finding amazing things to do on your trip. Group trips are another of our main features. Choose any eligible package, pay 20% deposit, and it goes live. Start inviting people and, the more people that join, the cheaper the trip is. Once the trip is closed you make a rooming list and when that’s done you pay the remainder. The final price is based on the type of room you’ve chosen and how many people are going with you, whether it’s just your buddies, people you invite, or you can make your trip public so that anyone on SuperCoucou can join you. It’s fully automated and, once the trip is booked, there's a popup on your map and you can cancel (depending on cancellation policy), change or modify anything. You can also suggest trips to see how many people are interested before you put down a deposit.
Countries get their own pages, showing a gallery and listing tours and packages. Locals can answer any questions or give suggestions, which is much more authentic than a lot of the descriptions you find on the Internet. We have a lot of exclusive deals for Egyptians traveling within the country, too. Nile cruises and tours are cheaper for Egyptians. 
SuperCoucou is also gamified. You earn badges for trips you take, as well as feathers, which can be redeemed for discounts (each feather is worth about $.25). One percent of all the tours, packages, transfers and hotels you book and review on SuperCoucou are reimbursed as feathers. The 'Spin the Globe' feature is for the adventurous, allowing you to click the button and you’ll be given three random packages from anywhere in the world; book one of these packages and you’ll earn a badge. 
We believe we have the easiest and the best user experience when it comes to travel. The streamlined interface is much easier to manage than other websites that can be overwhelming just to look at. 
What inspired you to come up with the concept? What was the process of building the website like?
We had the idea when talking about the future of tourism: a social network where the traveler can do everything themselves without the need for an agency. We wanted to make a website that also encouraged people to travel abroad. Once we had the business plan together, we hunted down a website development company and teamed up with a company in Serbia. When we starting building the website, the biggest issue we ran into was the chicken or the egg. No travellers will use our website if we have no suppliers, and no suppliers would work with us when no travellers were using the site. We spent so long travelling to conferences and were able to convince suppliers that this was the future.
What’s the craziest/weirdest package on SuperCoucou?
We have a package that is a self-drive tour of Rome on board the legendary FIAT 500, a mini car created in the ‘60s. You drive through Rome, taking in the sights like the Coliseum and Circus Maximus, all in this iconic, although tiny, piece of Italian automotive history. We also have a 4x4 exploration of Transylvania (home of Dracula) where you go off-roading through valleys and mountains, checking out the view and all the gothic architecture. A really extreme package is a mountain biking trip through Tibet, covering a few hundred kilometres. More trips are being added daily, so more adventurous tours are sure to be coming in.
What kind of new features are coming? Will there be an app?
Our flights currently depart from Egypt, but we are hoping to expand that in the next few months. We’re also currently testing an iOS app with an Android app on the way, as well as adding train schedules and expanding as the community develops. We’ll also begin marketing SuperCoucou to the U.S. and Australia, hopefully in the next few months.
A streamlined, easy to use, and gorgeous travel website that makes it crazy easy to travel with friends and share your awesome trips with the world, SuperCoucou's package and group deals offer something no other website does, and take a lot of the extraneous stress out of planning a holiday. Even the basic tasks of booking a flight or a hotel are not only easier with SuperCoucou, but cheaper, too. So, get some friends together to make a Flock, suggest a group trip, and get out into the big beautiful world with SuperCoucou!
You can check out their Facebook page here or check out their website here