Monday December 11th, 2023
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The Internet is Not For You

We're online 24/7, but Timmy Mowafi is starting to get the feeling that there's no space for our generation on the world wide web anymore.

Staff Writer
The internet has become a big room full of wankers, companies, Game of Thrones fans and paedophiles making a lot of noise. I get an intense feeling of anxiety; a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I'm forced to scroll through my Facebook feed (occupational hazard). For all the wondrous modernism of a physical collective consciousness that the connectivity of the world wide web brings, it only highlights the atrocious level of critical thinking and moral atrophy that a younger generation of citizens are being subdued with. As with most evolution and revolution, the technological one has quickly been saturated by a capitalist one, and in this case it's millennials who can only take in information in bullet point format, or those even more gullible, born long before Google, turning the cog and creating the turnover.
Grown men write letters as if they were children with cute little typos to get followers on Twitter, publications write about the top ten things you didn't know about grilled cheese, videos flood social media with vague promised to 'melt your heart' or 'leave you stunned.' This empty transference of knowledge, this dilution of miraculousness and universal wonder has become so omnipresent, it must be making a long lasting effect on our continuously shriveling capacity to learn substantially. It's as if this phenomenon of internet virality, whether it be bottom of the barrel memes or banal top ten lists, was fabricated and instigated by top government officials to quieten the masses ability to think creatively, and then breed apathy.
I'm sure it's not just me who scoffs at their screen, signs out, logs off and dives head first into classical literature or nature to wash off the scum of pointlessly hyperbolic posts. But who cares? the internet isn't for us (late 80s/ early 90s peoples), we're not going to click on the cat videos, we're not going to click on the fantasy game pop ups, we're not going to make these hit hungry websites a dime, so why should they give a shit? We're not neurotic teens trying to find ourselves with an urge to share and be liked; we want weighty insights into the world, and a bit of privacy whilst we do it.
The internet for the most part is but a poisonous symbiotic relationship between a younger generation and corporations, that will only slide further and further down a vortex for dunces.
The internet is not for you anymore.