Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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This Maadi Farm Goes Big on Microgreens

The self-proclaimed superfood growers have supplied Egypt with freshly-harvested, pesticide-free Radish, Arugula, and Kale microgreens, raising awareness about the benefits of these highly nutritious

Cairo Scene

Revolutionising the urban food supply in Egypt, ‘Farm 155’ in Maadi sustainably grows and distributes fresh microgreens at their indoor vertical farms in city centers across Egypt. Founded in 2019 by Ehab Hassouna, the self-proclaimed superfood growers have supplied Egypt with freshly-harvested, pesticide-free radish, arugula, and kale microgreens, raising awareness about the largely unknown benefits of the highly nutritious baby-sized leaves.

But alas, it’s true - microgreens are not usually the star of the show. Who’s going to read the autobiography of a shred of kale entitled ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul (Actual Chicken Soup Edition)’? But they’re what brings the dish together, not just through flavour and textures, but with their absurdly dense pack of nutrients and antioxidants as well. And the story of how they grow up is every bit as important as how they end up on your plate.

“Vertical farming is the practice of growing food on vertically stacked layers, instead of farming vegetables on a single level in controlled environments,” Hassouna tells #CairoScene. “Combined with indoor farming techniques, this enables the control of temperature, light and humidity, creating optimum conditions that maximize crop output in a limited space all year round. We are committed to sustainable low-impact agriculture, using 90% less water than traditional farming. All our materials are locally sourced, supporting local farms and potters.”

Farm 155 encourages people to grow their very own microgreens at home, selling starter kits for any microgreen enthusiasts out there. Cultivating these plants requires care and maintenance but it’s also really fun and rewarding. Although they currently only deliver in Maadi, Farm 155 has plans to expand to the rest of Cairo very soon.