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This New Trivia Game Will Keep You ‘On the Edge’ Of Your Seats

On the Edge is a newly-launched Egyptian card game testing how much you really know about media, sports, geography and much more.

If you don't associate trivia games with cut-throat danger that forces you to stay on your toes then, one, you either lived a well-adjusted life, or two, your life is SUPER boring. There’s no room for complacency in this dog-eat-dog world of party games and family get-togethers. You need to be ready for anything - especially if you don't want to crash and burn while you're playing this new, aptly-named trivia game, ‘On the Edge’.

The game – launched in August, 2020 – was made by brothers slash self-proclaimed board and card game geeks Ahmed and Omar Negm. When they realized trivia games tend to be repetitive - play them once or twice and you've pretty much memorized all the answers already - the Negm brothers decided to design a game full of open-ended questions. The game covers 6 main categories: 'geography', 'media', 'sports', 'random', 'act it out', and 'dares'. You can compete individually against one or two friends, or - if you've got four or more people - form teams to see who can cut the most throats with their razor-sharp minds. Anything goes!

“With most local games being oriented towards films and music – which we love -  what makes our game different is that it encompasses different aspects into one with comprehensive categories, and tests your knowledge a little bit of everything," Ahmed tells #CairoScene. “It’s also really competitive, funny and exciting to play, and gives players the opportunity to learn something new.”

Soon, ‘On the Edge’ will be releasing new add-ons to the game, such as categories based on TV favourites ‘Friends’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, as well as ‘Music’, ‘World Cup’ and ‘Champion’s League’.

To place your order, DM @edgecardgame on Instagram.

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