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7 Travel Companies Doing Local Adventure Getaways Right

Sitting in front of a computer all weekend? Nonsense. Egypt should be synonymous with adventure. Break your routine with our list of travel companies with the best local packages. Now go out there!

Egypt should be synonymous with adventure, and if you've been spending the weekends stuck in front of a computer then damn it, that's just not right. Look: we've done the difficult bit and found all these local adventure getaways. Now it's up to you to put on an anachronistic hat and chase that adrenaline rush.


Organizing group adventure trips to local havens like Marsa Alam, Sinai, Nubia, Siwa, and the Black and White Desert for as little as EGP2900, this travel company specializes in cultivating a group spirit among travellers.


Whether it's Siwa, Taba, St. Catherine, or whichever local trip you choose, this travel company only banks on adventure without any luxurious fluff.


Stamp’s staple style is all about being a traveller, not a tourist. Ras Sheitan, Dahab, and Marsa Alam are just a few of their local packages.


On the other hand, Travista takes care of every last detail and doesn’t skimp out on the finer things in life for those of us who want an adventure without the taswee7.


This company focuses on budget trips, with trips to El Gouna starting from EGP1050.


Master of the Siwa safari, this company gives you an in-depth education on the area - you'll even learn to speak a little Berber by the end of the trip.


Trip Zones has packages to obscure spots like Kahf El Gara, Boheira Sheyata, and Taghaghin.