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This Sassy Egyptian Hoop Art Brand is Here to Channel Your Existential Crisis

Got rage issues? A hoop could help.

This Sassy Egyptian Hoop Art Brand is Here to Channel Your Existential Crisis

Finding a proper outlet for you existential rage is no walk in the park. You can't just walk around randomly smashing things to dispose of your frustration at humanity, and even if you could, it'll probably just make you angrier. All one needs sometimes is someone who listens, understands, and, best of all, even over life themselves. For the lack of such rare beings, we've found Hoops Against Humanity, a new Egyptian home decor brand that's creating the most outrageous embroidered hoops in town.

With a sassy first collection, Hoops Against Humanity is here to take what's just on the tip of your tongue to put it on a hoop instead. Gone are the days of unexpressed emotions, now they'll always be right in you face. 

“I've always done hoops for myself for fun. One of those days, I posted a photo of one of them that read 'Have A Nice Poop' onto my personal account, as a joke," said founder Leena ElDeeb to CairoScene. "Less than an hour later, more than 10 people had gotten in the comments section and in my DMs asking for ones. So, I thought 'cearly there is a demand, so why not ride the wave? And that's how I started Hoops Against Humanity."

The first collection, Against Humanity, features six different designs, each channeling ElDeeb inner-cynical-self and costing EGP 250. Custom-made hoops cost EGP 300. All hoops come in a standard 17x17 cylindrical shape, however the shape and material are also customisable upon demand. Any hoop takes up to two weeks to be delivered anywhere in Cairo, the city that inspired much of the collection. 

"My next lines will follow the same concept, "Against This," and "Against That," focusing on specific societal issues, such as stigma, industrial contribution to global warming, power abuse, discrimination," further said ElDeeb. "There is so much to be angry about nowadays. I believe living in Cairo inspired me the most, but I also have to give credit to the lovely artisans on Pinterest."


Check out Hoops Against Humanity on Instagram and Facebook.