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Exclusive With Nelly Karim

Hot off the heels of her new blockbuster, Blue Elephant 2, Nelly Karim sits for an exclusive chat with senior editor Moustafa Daly.

Nelly Karim

Over at our Unicorn Garden in Downtown Cairo, Nelly Karim sits for an exclusive chat with CairoScene, shortly after the release of her blockbuster Blue Elephant 2, in which she reprises the popular role of Lobna in a star-studded drama thriller which includes some of the biggest names in Egypt's film industry - Karim AbdelAziz, Hend Sabri, Shereen Reda, and Khaled ElSawy, to name a few.

In this chat, the ballerina-turned-superstar talks more than just career, revealing what she hates most about fame, whether she's a Red Sea or Mediterranean kinda gal, what she misses most about her childhood in Russia, how she thinks Egypt should address the issue of sexual harassment, and much more...

Video by MO4Network