Monday 5 of December, 2022
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This Showroom Has Cairo's Most Exquisite Furniture and Home Accessories

Customisable, artsy, and one-of-a-kind, what more could you want?

Staff Writer
There was once a time when anything foreign or imported was the ultimate status symbol. In the last few years, however, the value of locally-produced items and locally-conceived ideas has skyrocketed - not just for the sake of some kind of misguided national pride, mind you, but because (now that we're finally paying attention) we are appreciating the fact that Egypt has always cultivated the work of fantastic artists, creatives, and visionaries- and still is. With remarkable work popping up all over, it’s hard to keep track of it all.
Enter Kenda Interiors; the go-to place for unique furniture, customisable fittings, and exquisite home accessories that could transform any home into a fantasy residence.
Candles by Candle Connection
Carpet by Abdo Mostafa
Featuring a wide range of handmade woodwork and designs that tell a story, Kenda Interiors is a haven for those who seek something truly unique. With immensely versatile production capabilities, their entire collection comprises of items that are elegant, durable and completely customisable.
Cushions by Nebu, Candles by Candle Connection, Sidelamps by Kelos
Vases by Ellie Home Décor, Glassware by Kelos

Find stunning artwork, thoughtful gifts, and delightful home accessories through their carefully curated network of local partners, including products from the likes of Runk Ceramics, Ellie Home Decor, Alef wa Noun, Handmade, Abdou Mostafa, Kelos, Nebu, Samah Art Gallery and Candle Connection.

Kenda Interiors has showrooms covering the entirety of the capital - Mall of Egypt, Dandy Mall, Concord Plaza and soon in Sahel.

Check out these beauts:

Shawls by Tally
Vases by Runk Ceramics

Carpet by Abdou Mostafa, Paintings by Samah Art Gallery, Ceramics by Runk Ceramics and Ellie Home Décor
Cushions by Alef wa Noun, Accessories by Handmade
Sculpture from Samah Art Gallery
Cushions by Alef wa Noun, Carpet by Abdou Mostafa
Vases by Runk Ceramics
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