Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Too Old to Party

Is there such a thing as being too old to party? Our resident old person Salma Shabana ponders on this most important of questions...

Staff Writer

As a 36 year-old single girl, I go out with my friends a lot.  And when I say ‘going out’, what I really mean is having coffee.

Recently, I went to a bar and almost everyone was in college or school. I’ve never felt so old! So of course, my girlfriends and I totally lied and told everyone we were 30. And let me tell you, I haven’t had that much fun since… well, since I was 30! But I couldn’t help but wonder, am I too old to be doing this? How old is ‘too old’ to party? “You’re a mom, you’re not supposed to party!” I hear you say. Really? What am I? Bloody dead? Well I’ll have you know, I’ve still got moves in me. Hell, I’m 36. Not 90.

While some people may say yes, I am too old to party, I disagree! You are only young once. Go out and party while you still can. And who cares if you have work the next day? Who cares if you’re tired? You can sleep it off when you’re, um… 40. But I do get tired. If I stay out after 11.30PM, I often have tiredness tantrums no matter where I am, how fun it is or how hot my my outfit is. But this weekend I have plans. I’m going to party hard and be in bed by 11 PM and no, this party won’t involve clowns and jelly.

Tea Dance has come to my rescue. Not actual tea. Not an over-crowded basement full of skanky kids and undiscernable music. Not a place for elegantly sipping wine while we talk about boring things like politic and our children. No. A proper party. And , yes, I can dance with a drink in my hand. I get to forget there are kids and homework and work-work and all that other crap. I get to lose myself in the music and be home early.