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Tottie Bags

Kim El Narsh's brand, Tottie Bags, couples Egyptian materials and local labour forces in an effort to further domestic production.

Ever since the infamous Egyptian revolution, there's been a surge of start up businesses and creative endeavors trying to fill a void that was previously unattended to, in pre-revolution Egypt. From art spaces to creative fashion brands, a wide scope of entrepreneurial efforts have emerged that seem to bombard us on a daily basis. One of the more recent businesses to catch our eye was "Tottie Bags". Managed and directed by Kim El Narsh, a young woman with an unparalleled creative passion, Tottie Bags is a brand that specialises in clutches, totes, and handbags that are mainly made from Egyptian fabrics and through the efforts of Egyptian labour. "The idea for Tottie mainly came from a need to address the economic instability our country was facing post-revolution," El Narsh explained when asked about the concept behind her brand. "A lot of lower-class people suffered financially due to our uprising and Tottie Bags is a way to get them re-introduced in the labour market".

Not new to the business scene of creative industries, El Narsh has a roster of brands under her belt next to Tottie. "I have Lolla's Bracelets, which is a line of bracelets made specifically from labour forces in Aswan and Luxor. I also manage Cozy Hobos, a polar fleece line that sells portable blankets with sleeves and cute little onsies. Those sold out in minutes!"

It's pretty interesting to see a lot of young, fresh minds emerge from what a lot of people assume are the rubbles of our great civilisation. With more people like El Narsh, Egypt is definitely on its way to becoming a more functional and operating country, hopefully sooner than we expected.

Check out the Tottie Bags Facebook page here