Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Victoria's Secret Lingerie Landing in Cairo!

The global powerhouse of a lingerie brand will be flinging open its doors in both Cairo Festival City and City Stars this January...

Staff Writer

Now don’t get your panties in a bunch but kind of do because Victoria’s Secret is finally opening in Egypt!! Yes, we know for a while now their scents have been available here, but unless you’re a 16-year old girl, there are only so many VS body splashes you need or want to own. No one needs a cupboard full of Sexy Dream Angel Bombshell Heaven Girl sprays. Or whatever they’re called – some variation of that title. You do, on the other hand, need a cupboard full of awesome bras and lacy panties.

So let’s have a big hallelujah for the fact the new year will bring with it the sexy creations of Victoria’s Secret to our fair nation! Come January, the powerhouse lingerie brand will be opening not one, but two stores in our city; on the 17th of January they'll be flinging open their seductive doors in City Stars and on the 31st of January, Cairo Festival City will also be getting their VS dose with a new store.

You may now officially pee your pants with excitement. All their lustworthy lingerie (literally) will be available at both branches. Hel-lo sexpot bras and undies! Plus, the CFC branch will additionally feature their PINK collection - that cutesy collegiate-style one that features stuff like lace-and-polka-dot boyshort undies and loads of cute pyjamas.

So come 2015, you can make your way over to Cairo Festival City Mall or City Stars to pick up your garters and babydolls, and lace bras, and cheeky undies with messages on the butt. Now we may never look like the girls modelling them but we alleviate that sadness by firmly believing that asses that perky and stomachs that flat are totally Photoshopped. Totally. 

And look, they even got Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio to make a little announcement about VS arriving in Cairo! Aww, bless 'em!