Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Vodafone RED Customers are Getting WATCHiT! & Shahid VIP

Just in time for Ramadan aka binge season, Vodafone RED are offering their customers access to local streaming giants WATCHiT! and Shahid VIP.

Cairo Scene

Who doesn’t like to binge-watch all the new TV shows?

With the holy month knocking on our doors and our series-senses tingling, it’s no surprise everyone is trying to memorise when these shows will air and where to watch them. This is where Vodafone RED leveled up the game.

You might have heard about WATCHiT!, the streaming giant that will have most - if not all - Ramadan series, featuring the top actors and actresses in the most pre-eminent shows out there, from Hend Sabry’s Hagmah Mortada to Amina Khalil’s Khali Balak men Zizi, Nelly Karim’s Ded el Kasr, Mohamed Ramadan’s Moussa... the list goes on.

The new RED portfolio gives access to WATCHiT! and Shahid VIP this Ramadan. Yes, RED customers can stream whatever they want on WATCHiT! or Shahid VIP, and we are honestly living for it. We’d like to give it to Vodafone RED for going out of their way to make sure all their RED customers live their best streaming life.