Thursday September 21st, 2023
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Wellness Entrepreneur Fayrouz Eid Launches New Nutrition Platform

Wellness entrepreneur Fayrouz Eid - founder of The Daily Crisp - launches Well B, a dedicated nutritional platform offering clients customized nutrition programs.

Farah Ibrahim

Since launching her health and wellness publication The Daily Crisp in 2015 Fayrouz Eid has become something of a pied piper to women of all ages looking to glow-up from the inside out. And while there are plenty of people with seemingly pinterest-worthy lives using digital media to proffer curated counsel, Eid’s propensity for inviting followers into the rawness of both her emotional and entrepreneurial trials and tribulations (all wrapped up in positivity-packaging) have made her one of the most popular people on the wellness scene.  Her followers have watched as she’s gone from shy single mum to motivational powerhouse, and tagged along as she’s navigated divorce, raising kids, and finding her voice all while empowering herself and others.  In 2020, she fought the panic that descended upon entrepreneurs across the world becoming the face (and heart) of one of the most successful fitness and nutrition apps ever launched in Egypt.

And now the inspirational expert nutritionist  (a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) has launched Well B – a dedicated nutritional platform offering clients customized nutrition programs and helping wellness seekers unlock their healthiest selves. “It’s kind of like an upgrade from The Daily Crisp. I’ve always wanted to be able to offer a specific diet to my audience, and maybe eventually the products themselves,” Eid tells #CairoScene. “It’s all about fixing our relationship with our bodies and with food. I want to encourage people to take control to where they don’t even need me after a couple of months."

Eid sees most diets as being too strict offering short-term solutions rather than long-term changes in eating habits and one’s relationship with food.  At Well B there’ll be no counting calories, no juice cleanses, no unnecessary measures. Eid’s version of detoxing throws out commercial teas and green juices, and replaces them with a three-step method that includes eating whole foods, lean protein, and genuinely nutritious ingredients all packaged up in delicious fulfilling recipes.

The Well B program officially kicks off on March 1st. Through a dedicated digital platform you’ll be able to access informational videos, recipes, shopping lists, and even schedule periodic Zoom calls with Eid herself.  Well, I’ll b!