Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Who I Follow: Hassan Hassan

The enigmatic artist owns one of the most unique Instagram accounts in Egypt - but who does he follow for Insta-inspiration? We find out.

Staff Writer

Local artist Hassan Hassan has gained renown across the city for his effortlessly cool sketches and his myriad of pop art works. The artistic dude’s Instagram @hassansquared is loaded with images of his aforementioned pieces – and consequently, followers who want to keep up with the latest creation he comes up with. And it is, as expected, a flawless ode to art. It’s an artist’s Instagram, what the hell else would one expect? But what accounts does the sketch genius skim through when he’s not busy drawing figures and faces accompanied by cheeky sarcastic remarks? We take a look.

@bessnyc4 - I love anyone who can be really vulgar, even more when they’re smart about it.


A photo posted by @bessnyc4 on


@goop - I want to be Goop. All minimal and healthy and unattainable in every way.


#wewouldgetoutofbedforthis #brunchwithzoe #huckleberry (link in profile)

A photo posted by goop (@goop) on

@barkbox - Dog videos teamed with gangsta rap, you don’t need any other reasons. 


Too wavy for you. #🏊🏼 _____ feat. @marniethedog | 🎬🎵 bossin' up | #barkboxlatenight

A video posted by BarkBox (@barkbox) on

@russellsbc - SBC stands for Skinny Bitch Collective and this is totally my thinspo because he isn’t all ‘seize the day and regain your power and conquer your fear and mental capacity over emotions and life!’ Instead he’s kind of a lazy bitch that has to work out to look good. I appreciate that.


Burger time. #thesbcexperience

A photo posted by The Skinny Bitch Collective (@russellsbc) on

@jjmartinmilan - Never follow the magazine, always follow the editor (ie, @daliaawad from @cairoscene or this bitch, editor-at-large of Wallpaper. How does one become an editor at large? It looks fun). 

@sadanimalfacts - This is obviously the best and I wish I had come up with it.


I've got some bad news about baby whales. #sadanimalfacts #the100dayproject

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@bhumika_aurora4 - I unfollowed Kendall Jenner because I couldn’t anymore, but I needed another model to obsess over and this is her. Her face. Her eyebrows. Her cheekbones. She’s so cool.


Love dis backstage shot @roberto_cavalli #robertocavalli 💖😃💖😃 #milan #mfw💥

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@listergallery - I’m obsessed with lines.

@rndmdesigns - Hi, I’m a shameless plug. Yes, it’s nice to meet me.


Don't miss us @madamasr #marketplace all day #teatime 🍴☕️💐

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@analprobehearts - I really can’t think of anything else to say, the account speaks for itself. 



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