Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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You Can Now Smash Things in Cairo’s First Ever Rage Room and Not Get Arrested

Unleashed in Tagamoa is Cairo's first rage room. You go, smash the living daylights out of a bunch of stuff and leave a much more relaxed person.

Staff Writer

Have you ever looked at your house and thought to yourself What would happen if I went full-on Godzilla on this room and smashed everything to smithereens? That’s all the mini-stresses of your life piling up. If only our possessions weren’t so valuable, we would find it much easier to destroy them to relieve stress. Mazen and Ahmed Nasrat are the brother duo who just opened Unleashed, Cairo’s own little Westworld, where you can go and act like a complete savage, release your pent up stress, and come out feeling much more relaxed and ready to deal with your life.

Launched last month in Tagamoa, visitors book a room and choose the objects they want to smash, like TVs, furniture, or whatever rocks their boat really. You get into a full body armour, pick your favourite weapon (a baseball bat, sledgehammer, etc.) and they smash the sh*t out of the entire room.

“People’s lives are filled with stressful moments and it sometimes takes all the strength we’ve got not to explode in anger. I came across this idea when I was living in Canada,” says 23-year-old Mazen Nasrat. “When I came back to Egypt, I talked to my brother about it and we thought it would work great in here.”

If there’s one thing Egyptians, particularly Cairenes, need, it's stress release. Between traffic, the stifling heat, and sloth-speed internet, it’s a wonder there isn’t all out anarchy all the time.

Visitors choose between two packages, either for one or two people, and six different rooms. The place will often tailor the design of the rooms to fit the specific stresses that the visitors may be experiencing. A group of students, for example, are spread too thin by their exams and may go there and smash a room filled with concrete books, keyboards, and so on. All items are made especially for the visit. “We hosted a birthday party recently, and we made the guy a cake made entirely out of concrete and they smashed it to the ground,” explains Nasrat.

Unleashed are fully operational and booking can be made via their Facebook page.