Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Rabbit: The New Scooter Rental Service Set to Take Over Egypt

Because cars are so last season.

Staff Writer

Ever had one of those days where it seems like the whole world is conspiring against you and you just can't seem to make it on time to any appointment? If you live in Cairo, that's basically every single day of your life. On the days that it's especially bad, and you're late to work for the umpteenth time and you silently send out a prayer that maybe today your boss won't notice your tardiness, only to get to work half an hour late with your CEO standing over your desk. Well, these days are no more (kind of). With Egypt's latest scooter renting app, Rabbit, you can no longer use the 'I was stuck in traffic' excuse (it's a blessing and a curse, really). 

Rabbit is a scooter sharing service that’ll make commuting in Cairo much easier.  The app and website, which go live in the first week of May, allow Egyptians to rent out scooters online. Founded by Kamal El Soueni, Ahmed Yasin and Mohamed Mansoury and CTO Hisham El Shazly, Rabbit may just be on the verge of revolutionising transportation in Egypt.

“Our soft launch in Cairo will be in areas where we can ensure the model is controlled,” El Soueni tells CairoScene. “Zamalek is top of our list. In Sahel, however, we’ll be operating in Diplo and Hacienda with the intention of expanding in the near future. We've got two models, one will be a sort of rental packages where you get the scooter delivered to your house for a day, three days, or a month. You basically pay a one time payment for your scooter, the charger, the helmet and the lock and it's with you to use however you want. The second model is the ride sharing where you have docks in several locations. And people take the scooters from dock to dock. You leave it at a dock and take it at a dock.”

The founders aim to make the rental prices for the scooters affordable. Rabbit will provide its users with several packages including rentals which will either be charged by the minute or for a longer duration depending on the rider, while also stressing heavily on safety.

“Safety is our number one priority, which is why we’ve taken multiple precautions including seminars that teach how to ride a scooter, helmet requirement as well as capped speed to 20KM/hr,” explains El Soueni. “We're launching with a very interesting take on the ride-sharing model, the details of which will be announced on our launch day. What I can say however, is that we’re planning to have a model that works for each type of customer from daily riders to regular users and fun hoppers. Stay tuned. We promise something that will really disrupt the transportation scene."

Check out Rabbit on Instagram.