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Egypt’s Reform Studio Chosen by IKEA to Take Part in New Africa-Inspired Collection

The award-winning, environmentally-friendly, Cairo-based studio's will be available across IKEA stores globally.

Egypt’s Reform Studio Chosen by IKEA to Take Part in New Africa-Inspired Collection

It’s seemed inconceivable a few short years ago, but the concepts of sustainability and eco-friendliness are sweeping through Egypt like a cool breeze, with more and more companies moving away from environmentally harmful practices and materials – even in the world of design. One such example is the Cairo-based Reform Studio, which has been chosen as one of 10 designers plucked from across Africa to contribute to IKEA’s new homeware and accessories collection, öVERALLT.

The award-winning Egyptian brand has created several pieces for the collection, including tote bags that come in two sizes, a rug and a cushion. Using waste from chocolate wrappers and chip bags, fab AF tote is both eco-friendly and beach-trendy. Made out of packaged product waste and hemp materials, the second item is a pillow and feature detailed designs weaved on a handloom. The matching rug, meanwhile, is perfect for a Sahel home terrace.

Aside from the very commendable focus on the products and their manufacturing processes being environmentally-friendly, the collection also aims to shed light on what ‘feeling at home’ means in different cultures. Carrying the label of ‘Design with a Cause’, the concept encouraged artists to weave tales of culture and tradition through their chosen craft and artisanal expertise as a reflection of their heritage. 

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