Thursday July 25th, 2024
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10 Egyptian Songs For Single People to Stay Home and Cry to This Valentine's Day

Boyfriends and girlfriends - who needs them? We certainly don't, and neither do you! This one is to all you single people out there spending Valentine's Day alone; here are ten songs to empower you in your crusade against mankind.

Staff Writer

10 Egyptian Songs For Single People to Stay Home and Cry to This Valentine's Day

We've all spent at least one Valentine's Day alone. Some spend every Valentine's Day alone (sadsies). Some have been in a relationship for over 10 years happily buying gifts to their significant other every 3eed el 7ob, anniversary, birthday, mothers day, etc. - those people can go fuck themselves honestly because who does that in 2016? Well this list is not for those people; this list is for all of us real people out there consciously deciding to spend Valentine's alone because it is a superficial occasion that has no real purpose. Or because we don't have a date. Mostly because we don't have a date. Regardless of why you will be alone on Valentine's Day, here are 10 Arabic songs that will teach you how to hate your loved one and in the process hate yourself and everything in existence. A collection of Sherine, Tamer Hosny, Asala, Samera Said, Snoop Dogg, and more...

Ah ya Leil - Sherine

'Ode to the night' is the exact translation of this song's title, where Sherine belts out bar after bar about how she doesn't need her man, and that without him she is still singing. Well yeah Sherine he might take half when he leaves but he can't take your vocal chords! You go Glen Coco. 

Tetraga Feya - Ehab Tawfik

"You can beg me, you can be mean to me, there is no way I will ever forgive you," sings Ehab Tawfik. You stand your ground Ehab!

Mahasalsh Haga - Samira Said

Samira Said claims in the song that she is evil, and strong, she insists that she will not wield to any man, or woman. Basically she is saying that she is a mean cold-hearted bitch that will destroy any man that comes her way. The title of the song Mahasalsh Haga means "nothing happened" - that's what they all say.

Shaief Nafsak - Rania Kurdi

Rania Kurdi is a bombshell actress, songstress, and all-around entertainer and we love her, because she has a lovely voice, and because she's hot, but mostly because she's hot. The song's title translates to something akin to "do you think you're so great?" What do you mean Rania? Why are you trying to insult the poor guy? Just dump him and shut the fuck up you beautiful sexy monster you!

Mabaash Ana - Asala

Broken hearted and alone, Asala swears that her man will return begging her to get back together. Sorry to tell you sweetheart, he is long gone, and if he returns it will be to take his shirts and DVDs.

Ana Tab3i Keda - Nicole Saba

Nicole Saba, the multi-talented Lebanese songstress and actress is making a statement; the title translates to "this is who I am" and Nicole goes on about how this who she is, that she lives how she wants she likes to party and go out and have fun, and that she won't change because some guy wants her to. Who would want her to change in the first place?! You do you Nicole.

Moush Far'a Ktir - Nancy Ajram

Ohh Nancy, how we have missed your sweet, sweet voice, and the rest of you as well. In this song Nancy states that "it doesn't really matter" the exact translation of the title. Listen to Nancy boys and girls, if it doesn't really matter to her that she's alone - keeping in mind that she is one of the hottest women in the Middle East - why should it matter to you? 

Eid Milad Gar7i Ana - Hany Shaker

Hany Shaker hits a home run with this one. The song talks about the anniversary of his wound and sees Hany singing his heart out in remembrance of his lover and the wound she left within him. Keep it together Hany, because we barely can. It's that time of year again where all of our friends are cuddling happily with their significant others and we are sitting home alone with a tub of Ben & Jerry's - you can buy them at one store in Egypt and they usually run out during this time of year.

Si El Sayed - Tamer Hosny ft. Snoop Dogg

This is the first and only collaboration of its kind. Snoop Dogg clearly doesn't know what Tamer is singing about; the song revolves around Tamer disciplining his spoiled, demanding girlfriend and letting her know who wears the pants in this relationship. Snoop Dogg sings "Tamer is wearing the pants, now dance!" Tamer's girlfriend spends the majority of the video throwing a fit while he throws a party. Clearly girlfriends are a hassle and you're better off without them.

Ana Law Habibak - Mohamed Fouad

Mohamed Fouad's song Ana Law Habibak was an instant hit with single Egyptians all over the country when it was released in the 90s. Fouad tells his lover, "If you truly loved me, you would have never left me." Well duh, kind of a no brainer isn't it? Regardless of the logic behind the lyrics, Fouad's hit single will soothe your aching heart on this coming cold, and lonely Valentine's Day.