Monday 28 of November, 2022
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15 Hollywood Celebrities Take up Jobs in Egypt After Trump's Win

Because Egypt will have just the right amount of drama, but no actual Trump.

Staff Writer

Hollywood personas coming to Egypt on vacation or for a performance is enough to give the entire country a proverbial hard on. According to prominent Facebook page Tammet El Targama, seeing their faces day in and day out may very soon become a mundane reality as they leave behind the land of the free and join us in the land of the... Well... Anyway, America after Trump seems justifiable reason for Hollywood celebrities to head to the motherland, take on Egyptian names, and integrate themselves into our world. Where did all the actresses go? Obviously etgawezo w a3ado fe el beit! Whatever their decisions may be, Egypt welcomes them all with open arms.

Eddie Murphy | 7agg A7mad El Mardi
Robert Downey Jr. | Ramy 3awni El Soghayar
Jason Statham | Hassan Salem El 3arbagy
John Travolta | Jon Abo Batta
Robert De Niro | Ramy Bekheira
Mel Gibson | Michel Mo7sen
Morgan Freeman | El Osta Mo7sen Ne3aima 
Vin Diesel | Farid El Deezel
Will Smith | El Osta Wael Gebs
The Rock | El Osta Zalata El Tarzi
Jackie Chan | El Osta Zaki Hesham
Adam Sandler | Adham Sandal
Sean Connery | El Fasakhani Hesham Kordi
Sylvester Stallone | Sa3eed Sayyed El Salamoni

Al Pacino | Ashraf Feeno