Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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15 of 2015: Egypt's Best Parties

As we continue our roundup of the awesome things that happened around Egypt in 2015, we can't forget the 15 most kick-ass parties, can we? We teamed up with CairoZoom to hand-pick the best parties that went down this past year...

Staff Writer

15 of 2015: Egypt's Best Parties

A lot of important things happened in Egypt this year. Some more journalists were imprisoned for doing their jobs... bastards! There were those legislative elections that garnered less votes than Dina Adel from Star Academy. There was that plane that crashed because of terrorists, but not terrorists, but maybe terrorists, but possibly engine failure, and then a bunch of British people got scared so we told them to 'cum in Egypt'. Of course there was also the opening of the Suez Canal - in one day, Sisi managed to make the whole nation delirious with joy for the opening of the Suez Canal, a mass manipulation of emotion only surpassed by North Korea. There were people dressed in sailors costumes, obnoxious music, and inflatable cats - much like an El Row party, as a matter of fact. Ah, El Row... now we have your attention because, let's be frank, we didn't really give a shit about any of that 'important' stuff that happened. WE spent the year living for the weekend - from basement Techno romps to rooftop soirées, from beachside blow-outs to Coolio. We drank the Nile's weight in vodka and decided to forgo CrossFit for fist-pumping. With the rumble of the bass calling us in like nectar to bees, we stepped into the party and thought, "Here we go again...", and again, and again; and we loved every minute of it. Venues opened, venues closed, DJs were born, and masks were worn. We've teamed up with omnipotent snappy snappers CairoZoom to show you Egypt's year in parties. Click the links to see the full albums. 

Blurr Cairo - ELROW Psychedelic Trip @ Rubies

Because we are all very, very bored of seeing each other's faces at every single party, we got super excited to party with a dancing chicken instead. Blurr brought in the boys from infamous Catalonian nightclub El Row and they put on quite the show at Rubies in Sahel this summer.

Gangsta's Paradise Ft. Coolio @ The Temple

Coolio? He's still alive? What? In Egypt? Actually? These were the sirens being horned whence we heard that Supafly would be bringing in the one and only singer with the one and only song that you know, Gangsta's Paradise. Turns out he is still alive - he's very, very crazy, but still alive and kicking and still knows how to make a crowd get crunked.

B2B Reunion @ Uptown Cairo Clubhouse

Okay, B2B was the B2Best event we've ever B2Bed at! A-Squared; Misty & Sebzz; Abousamra & M.Fayek; Baher & H. Zahran all performed a super B2B set.

Painting the Town Red Teadance @ Uptown Cairo

ByGanz' Teadance came back with a vengeance. The girls got all nice and dressed up for the daytime fun and the boys stood staring at the dancers much to the disappointment of the girls.

Student DJ Final ft. H.O.S.H & Finnebassen @ The Temple

After months of battling it out on the decks, Student DJ revealed Egypt's two brightest young spinning talents in Gaser el Safty and Nourre Fahmy in front of a packed crowd of boys staring at dancers...

Season 002 Closing Party @ Vent

The venue that more than happily let people in creepy Halloween masks play Techno until five in the morning sadly shut its doors this year with a Season Two closer featuring some of our favourite residents.

CLOSING PARTY: The Secret Released! @ Tiu

Tiu - much like Tamarai, but spelled differently - ruled the high-end partying season for the best part of a year since it opened, culminating in one hell of a closing white party where boys stood staring at dancers.

Ramy Ayash live @ Tabla Sahel

Pop legend Ramy Ayash surrounded himself with the Hermes-clad population of Sahel for a sing song or two. Everyone went mental. Then he was joined on stage by Ahmed Adaweya; everyone went more mental and then the boys stood staring at the belly dancers.

 Kelly Rowland @ 6ix Degrees

We were super excited to hear Kelly Rowland was coming to Egypt. F*** Beyoncé - so mainstream. Kelly killed it on stage at Six Degrees in Sahel. Beyoncé who? Who are you? Where am I? You were at the afterparty, my friend.

 ZigZag Opening @ Downtown

ZigZag opened - same place as Vent but with purple lights and less Halloween masks. They threw one hell of an opener with a B2B between Aly Goede, Abou Samra, and Aly B. It was at this opening where we learned the term B2B.

 Mohasseb's Birthday Bash ft. Heavy Pins @ CJC

CJC threw Mohasseb the birthday party he deserves and not once did he mix in the Happy Birthday song.

 Alive @ The Temple

Halloween masks were worn, appropriately, at the biggest, baddest Halloween party of the year.

 Kempinski’s Grand Opening Gala @ Royal Maxim Palace

Kempinski opened its doors with a lavish affair not seen since the Mubarak days - ball gowns, tuxedos, and a belly dancer for all the boys to stare at.

 The Tap Turns One

Our favourite watering hole celebrated a whole year of awesomeness with live music from the likes of Timmy the Guvna and Screwdriver performing... B2B!


 Give Me Another Shot: Blue Edition @ Temple

Blue 40 Vodka has kept us all nice and warm this winter, and teamed up with Nacelle for an insane party featuring the one and only Dennis Ferrer.