Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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4 Ramadan Tents That Cater to Every Preference

You know how going out with a group can be super hard because everyone wants different things? We've found four Ramadan tents to cater even to the pickiest. Our work here is done.

Staff Writer

4 Ramadan Tents That Cater to Every Preference

Everybody does Ramadan their own way - some like it fancy, some like to slum, and God seems to like it hot, judging by the weather! No one does Ramadan better than we Egyptians do and that is a fact; wherever you go, you'll find the long-standing traditions observed. However, to each their own, and before stepping out of your house, you need to ask yourself a very important question: "is this really the best Ramadan tent for me? For my life?" So here are four Ramadan tents to cater for all tastes. Which Ramadan tent are you?

Si Omar Ramadan Tent for the Old Souls

As one of Egypt's oldest Ramadan tents, Si Omar is the Ramadan tent of choice for the old souls. With 11 years of Ramadan tenting experience under their belt, they know exactly how to immerse you back into the good old days. This year, there is also the added perk of catching the Euro Cup games live. The one thing you notice when you walk in is the ambiance and the atmosphere; a festive decor ornaments the place yet it is nowhere near kitsch. Enchanting our Ramadan evenings and nights since 2005, this gem is hidden in the heart of Fairmont Heliopolis Towers. 
Reservations: 0222678441 or 16989. 

Lanterns Ramadan Tent for the Young and Beautiful

This one is really fun for the young, rebellious, audacious, and truculent souls out there, the ones that have yet to have the life sucked out of them. Here is one way to enjoy youth while you can: ditch the mind-numbing mosalsalat for a much anticipated football game on a mega screen while puffing on a masterfully prepared shisha over a game of backgammon! And if we could, we would eat every meal at Uptown Cairo’s Clubhouse. The breathtaking views complement a delicious iftar and/or a nutritious sohour at Lanterns tent.
Reservations: 16129 or 01283557000. 

3altawla Ramadan Tent for the Foodies 

You never run out of options in Galleria40 this Ramadan; however, the only option you will want to go with is 3altawla. This splendid outdoors tent offers mouthwatering sohour choices from five different yet equally outstanding caterers: Mesteka, Gaby's, Cachimba, Tutti Matti, and Ayadina. So if food is your primary concern in life, this is the Ramadan tent of choice. Not only will you eat from sundown to sunrise and catch a football game on a mega screen, you will also be serenaded by some of the region’s biggest stars – suffice to say Ragheb Alama and legendary shaabi singer Ahmed Adaweya have made appearances.
Reservations: 01090410438 / 01113005140. 

Wust El Balad Ramadan Tent for the Fancy Schmancy

This one is the go-to Ramadan tent for the fancy pants out there! Wust El Balad takes us back to the time when Oriental music was at its finest with virtuosic oud performances. Equally enthralling is the fact that you are having sohour at none other than the iconic Ritz Carlton and watching your mosalsal and/or football game while wolfing down a scrumptious meal at the Ritz. 
Reservations: 01220110610
You can find out more on their Instagram @wustelbaladtent.