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6 Unmistakably Egyptian Types of Facial Hair

From on fleek moustaches that might as well have been chiselled by the great Michelangelo himself, to sexy stubs, here are the eternal hallmarks of Egyptian manhood and how to maintain them!

Every day, Arab and Egyptian men struggle to attain the perfect grain on their faces. Overnight, the follicles on our face protrude without permission a countless number of hairs, in a manner and a style which we didn’t consent to. Now we look ghastly, unruly, unpresentable, and unacceptable. We proceed to reach for our chosen standard for removing the unwanted mess. Whether it be a shaving cream and a razor, or an electric shaver, it’s a tiresome, meticulous ritual which we all wish we didn’t have to do. For those of us who like our faces to be as smooth as the surface of a boiled egg, it’s like dancing with swords. For those of us who prefer to showcase our masculinity to the world in flawless perfection - be it through a well-maintained moustache, glorious sideburns, or a handcrafted beard so epic it might as well have been chiselled by the great Michelangelo himself, like it's mapping humanity’s genetic code.

A new dawn on the horizon is coming, though. The old-as-time ritual will now be something to look forward to. An incentive to get out of bed. An activity to relish and rejoice in. The two new shavers that Braun are releasing will transform the way men look helping them to achieve any style desired. It is promising to be more than well-armed to do battle with the 9 jobs that are tackled with the Multi grooming kit. Expect earthquakes across the nation’s bathrooms.

In celebration, here are beards you may envy, faces you may recognise, and styles that you're 100 percent familiar with. From that one uncle who's always smooth as a baby's bottom, to the police officer who gave you your last parking ticket.

Mr. Stache

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The man who doesn’t experiment. The man who doesn’t play around. The man who takes the traditional no-nonsense approach. Not a bad thing in the slightest. As you can see, very few in the Arab World can achieve the same amount of swag as Omar Souleyman. If he uses, or if he were to use, Braun’s latest contraption, he would definitely be using the Shave & Style feature giving him maximum precision around the stache.

The Outgoing Bud

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Incredibly social and always eager to impress, these gentlemen never show up with the same style twice. Constantly experimenting and consistently the big hits of the party, the Braun Multi grooming kit's ability to fix different length settings across the beard with high precision is the factory standard for men like Asser Yassin. Men who have no time for the monotony of life at home and always on the go, attending important events and social occasions, the shaver’s long battery life and waterproof durability are simply the minimum of what is expected.

The Fitbit Guy

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Less attention is needed for these lads. For them, what is necessary is what is enough. With their minds fixed on their games and the gruelling physical tests ahead, what is practical is all they require. That’s probably why Arsenal star Mohamed Elneny would put Braun’s even trimming function to good use, ensuring an even, exact, and reliable look every day, guiding more hair into the moving parts for a more efficient cut.

The 007

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These gentlemen don’t mess around. They don’t need to. They lead their lives with a degree of class and sophistication which requires no further compensation. A reserved clean shave, cool and sleek, like a Mercedes, these men only need the Braun, a fast and clean shave with great skin comfort to do a straightforward job. Simply choosing the clean-shave option fulfils the task with a low number of strokes, especially with the tin titanium coating that goes easy on sensitive skin. Karim Abdelaziz, being the busy geezer he is, will be waking up every morning with a three day stubble beard to take his Braun out of its self-cleaning centre to get the job done nice and easy, ready to get to his next film set and interview in no time.

The Beach Hippie

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There are dudes whose sole purpose in life is to travel across the world and live it to the fullest. They don’t just casually stroll around with a backpack. They take part in all the sports they can get involved in, no matter what country. Always sharing their enviable escapades from around the globe, they must adapt to a variety of climates, cultures, and occasions. Men like Nabil Issaa would have no other option than to make use of the Braun’s ability to adapt to every skin and facial hair type. Whether it’s a beautifully crafted beard, an intentionally unruly mop of hair, or a long mane worthy of a wise wizard, the travel-friendly Braun has it all covered.

The Family Guy

There is no school except the old school, as the cliché goes. It doesn’t get more classic and old school than the family man. A man of responsibility. A man of routine. A man already confident enough thanks to his many achievements, he doesn’t need to follow the latest fashion trends. After all, he raised an entire family. A man like Hassan Hosny who cares little for the trends of the young. He just wants a reliable shaver for his mornings. Ready to do the job cleanly and quickly, so he can get to his breakfast within an acceptable time. He still needs to have his coffee and read the newspaper. It’s the Braun for daddio.

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