Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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7 High Tech Baby Gadgets You Can Find In Egypt

Parenting is hard, but it will definitely be made infinitely easier - and cooler - with this list of high tech gadgets, from strollers to mini spas, that can be found right here in Cairo...

Staff Writer

Go, go, Gadget… baby? While we usually gush over all sorts of adorable baby things - outfits, toys, babies themselves - we need to geek out here for a moment over some of the wicked baby gadgets out there these days. It all started with a collapsable stroller; then one thing led to another and, before you know it, we've got this list of crazy cool baby gadgets that you can find right here in Egypt. Where were these when we were kids?

InLighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing from Hedeya Catalogue (2999 LE)
Who needs a babysitter anymore? With the InLighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing you can find every way possible to entertain your baby, from moving lights and plush toys to mp3 connectivity so they can see pictures and videos. It rotates in 180 degrees and swings in two directions so you can always have an eye on your baby. Bye-bye, babysitter!
Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer from Hedeya Catalogue (430 LE)
And to think that some mothers still put drops of baby milk on their wrist to test how hot it is. Tsk, tsk. Why would they do that if they can just plug this gadget into their car adapter and warm the baby' bottle in minutes? Let's just hope that mom doesn't try to warm her coffee in there.
4moms Origami Stroller from Bloom Egypt (9850 LE)

The only thing we can say about this is "go, go, Gadget stroller!" What doesn't it do? It lets you charge your phone, counts mileage, has an LCD screen, has generators in the back wheels that charge the stroller while you walk it, and it folds itself at the press of a button. It basically does everything.
4mom mamaRoo from Bloom Egypt (3500 LE)
4mom is on a roll with these baby gadgets. This one moves like you do - that is, if you move like a kangaroo. It moves and shakes your baby in several natural-feeling patterns, making your baby feel like it's right there with you. Also, just like nearly every baby gadget these days, it has an mp3 connectivity option. 4mom mamaRoo is not responsible for psychological damage resulting in children growing up believing that they're kangaroos. That one's on you.
Doona The Next Generation Car Seat from Hedeya Catalogue and Bloom Egypt (3700 LE)
Aside from the fact that this car seat looks like a small cartoon cheerleader landing toward the end of an enthusiastic backflip, it's actually pretty cool. It transforms from a car seat into a stroller with the press of a button.
The Tommee Tippee DECT Digital Movement and Sound Monitor from Hedeya Catalogue (1815 LE)
The Tommee Tippee DECT Digital Movement and Sound Monitor better be as gadget-y as it sounds, because that's the longest name for a baby gadget that we've ever seen. It has a sound sensor that works from really far ranges and ensures that you hear every little thing that your baby does. You can also talk back into your end of the sensor. If this gadget lands in the wrong hands, it would make for some hilarious pranks.
4mom Infant Tub from Bloom Egypt (950 LE)
After a long hard day of crying, pooping, eating, pooping, and crying some more, nothing hits the spot quite like an infant tub that drains dirty water and replaces it with clean water for a clean baby. Complete with a rinse cup and temperature detector, this gadget makes bath time a whole lot easier.