Monday 28 of November, 2022
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8 Cosy Spots in Zamalek To Hang Out In

Warm winter nights are the only thing we want when it's cold out, so we decided to list the cosiest places around Zamalek for you to check out this winter.

Staff Writer

Feet up, blanket on, hot chocolate (or whiskey, we don’t judge) in your hand, and laughing with friends; we paint quite a picture, don’t we? Have you ever been dragged out of bed to go out with friends in the winter? Not very fun, is it? Winter is here along with its cold nights, so if you’ve been dragged out of bed and in the mood to go somewhere warm and cozy, then you might want to hit up some of these places.

Antique Khana

The name says it all, and their design gives off a very old and antique vibe. However, Antique Khana is very homey and warm; you’ll basically feel like you’re sitting in the your living room - tetfadalo fil salon? It was originally set up by a family who believe that old is gold, and their doors are always open to welcome you any time. In addition, some nights they have live performances to keep you entertained.

Cake Cafe

If you’re in the mood for something small and quiet, then we guarantee you'll fall in love with Cake (no, not just the food, but that's pretty great too). Their peaceful atmosphere and delicious desserts are a slice of heaven; you also can't go to Cake without trying their chocolate cake - trust us, it's like nothing you've ever tasted. The café is elegant, simple, and friendly; happy vibes all around!

Left Bank

Its beautiful location seated by the edge of the Nile is what makes Left Bank special. Their French vibes along with Jazz music in the background will make you forget that you’re in busy Cairo. Their couches and bookshelves almost make you feel embraced, and on cold winter nights you can snuggle up with your friends next to the heaters. It's the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even drinks!

Sufi Bookstore 

Sufi Bookstore is all about stepping out of the real world and entering an artistic one. All the walls are handpainted and there are books all around you - yes, it's a bookstore. This cultural café is perfect for drinking a cup of coffee while enjoying a good read. In addition, they can sometimes surprise you with their open mic nights.


The ambience of this restaurant has slightly shifted from what used to be the famous Lemon Tree & Co. Although there are several similarities, one of the major things we love about this place is the atmosphere, all chic and cosy. Our senses are refreshed when we feel the winter winds at night while drinking our glass of wine.

Il Piccolo Mondo 

Il Piccolo Mondo is Le Pacha’s Italian restaurant. This is more of a fancy place if you’re looking to impress your date with an elegant dinner. Located on the well-known Le Pacha boat, the restaurant is indeed one of the cosiest restaurants around. The walls have writing all over them from people who've visited before. Cute, right?

Pub 28

The exterior of this pub says a great deal about the type of place it is. On the inside it’s all very wood-based with dim lighting, which gives a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. However, if you don’t reserve you’ll probably end up at the bar, if there’s even any space left - yes it’s that nice. If you enjoy a drink and nice conversation, then you’ll enjoy this place. Also, they have killer sangria.

Carmen Pub

Located in Flamenco Hotel, this is one of the warmest places you’ll go. What we love about this place is their blasé vibes and friendly nature; you can simply chat with the person next to you without feeling odd. They also have small couches to get you all snug with your mates.