Friday December 1st, 2023
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8 Times Egyptian Social Media Reacted Hilariously to Going Back to School

Memes, status updates, and viral posts fill the Internet as social media reacts to going back to school. And it's pretty amusing. #NoComplaints

Staff Writer

The streets are suddenly busier, kids are popping up out of nowhere, and nobody's happy about going back to school. Yes, you get to escape the little devils during school time, but it's absolutely impossible if you're an active Facebooker. But we can't seem to deny how hilarious the reaction has been on social media. From memes, numerous status updates, to viral posts, here's a recap of how your newsfeed is most likely looking:

Wait. Does this mean all 90s kids are graduating high school this year? #WTF

"These nerds... I can totally get the highest score but I don't have time for this."

- “The teacher seems to have not come today…”
- “I saw him this morning :)”


"Class of 2016 when they're attending their first lecture as freshmen. Especially English faculties."

- “Do you study Business Arabic or English section?”

- “I’m Momtaz Damanhoury, Georgia section.”

“How is university every day from 8 AM to 6 PM? Is this a school day or a McDonald’s shift? What’s happening?!” 


- "Aren't we going to study from the first week?"
- "Who said we'd start from the second week? Didn't we agree we'd cram ourselves near the midterms?"

- “Do we have anything going on tomorrow?”
- “Yes, one lecture at 8 AM.”
- “Ah, so we don’t have anything going on tomorrow.”