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Here Are the 10 Dishes Egyptians Have Googled Most This Ramadan

Number one can be easily predicted!

What is it about Ramadan that makes it such a special time? Some say it's family, friends, and mosalsalat that make this holy month all about well-deserved treats. We, however, beg to differ; the fact that we get a free pass to stuff our faces with buttery, tasty delights without judgement or restraints is what really gives this month its enchanting vibes. Which is why, before and during Ramadan, Egyptians scour Google for food recipes. And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you - or the NSA, for that matter - no longer have to wonder what people's favourite Ramadan delights are, because we asked Google and they told us!




 Macarona Bechamel


Arab Chef/Instagram

 Grilled Chicken

Loqmet Al 'ady(Sweet Dumplings)


BaklavaTalti KSA/Instagram


Julias Album/Pinterest

Balah Al Sham

 Cuisine Avec Djouza/Pinterest